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  1. The most shocking is that not lowered potential of Chicharrito! Continues with a Insulting potential of 175. Ridiculous!
  2. This even better in the last update! Do not miss the view.
  3. Who are the stars of the early FM 2012, which saw their attributes and / or potential reduced in January Transfer Update 12.2.0 *RELEASED TODAY*? Who has been improved and has become a star?
  4. It may be the way to Benfica! http://www.abola.pt/nnh/ver.aspx?id=314694
  5. How to get an almost perfect BWM? Buy Rodney Strasser and Kristofer Haestad as his guardian (tutor).
  6. I'm having trouble finding young players with the potential to become major Box-To-Box midfielder in the future! It seems a species more endangered in FM 2012! Or is it just me!? Who are the most promising young players in this role so demanding? Who has the potential to be o be as good as Gerrard? Some suggestions please!
  7. Name: Markus Henriksen Club: Rosenborg Ballklubb D.O.B: 25.7.1992 Nationality: Norway Position: Midfielder (centre) / AM © REAL LIFE: Norway’s upcoming superstar, Markus Henriksen, could be the one to see his country contend with the major forces in world football. Henriksen made his debut for his domestic club, Rosenborg, at the age of seventeen, and subsequently qualified for a league winners medal that season. He is the son of Rosenborg assistant manager, Trond Henriksen, but this didn’t aid his rise into the first team. His ability was evident, and whoever was in charge would have found it difficult to exclude him from the team. The central midfielder is said to have excellent positional play which gives him a huge advantage over his opponents, many much more senior than himself. Although named a central midfielder, the 18-year-old can play in both attacking and defensive roles, making him a very versatile player, useful for any manager. This season the wonderkid has scored 11 goals in 37 appearances, impressive for a central midfielder. Henriksen has quickly worked himself up the ladder on the international stage. In 2009, Henriksen made his debut for Norway Under 19s and went on to only play three games for the side before breaking into the Under 21 side. He made only two appearances for the under 21 squad and scored once. He was then called up to the senior side for a friendly with Croatia in 2010. Norway lost 2-1 but Henriksen put in a solid performance still at the tender age of 18. Obviously, a player of this calibre has been linked to many top European sides, and one will always be mentioned. Arsenal have enquired many times about the young midfielder. But whether Henriksen stays with his home club, or opts for Arsene Wenger’s experience and reputation for turning young stars into world beaters is yet to be seen. The summer looks the most likely time for Henriksen to move, with clubs watching him until the last kick of the season. Whether he moves this summer or next, we are very likely to see a lot of this boy in the future. FM 2012: Weaknesses: Pace and set pieces Description: Midfielder Personality: Professional Suggested Roles: Central midfielder with supportive duty. Also work as a playmaker or Box-To-Box. Profile: Start of the save The Boy Has Got Skills!
  8. After all, the original database, RYJ, simply as PPM: Curls ball & Dictates Tempo. Tries killer balls often not. What a mess!
  9. Obviously it will never be a Yann M'Vila. But may play a similar role in average teams . It is also a solid choice and cheaper for those who like to play with a Deep-Lying Playmaker more defensive ahead of the defenders.
  10. Name: Ivo Pekalski Club: Malmo FF D.O.B: 3/11/1990 Nationality: Swedish/Polish Position: Centre Midfield REAL LIFE: Ivo Pekalski is regarded as one of Malmo FF 's most valuable players. The 20-year-old enjoyed a wonderful first season in the Swedish Allsvenskan and was a key player in the side as they claimed the 2010 title. Pekalski switched to Malmo from second division side Landskrona BOIS in July 2009 after two impressive seasons, during which he became the youngest player to ever feature in the Superattan (Swedish second league). Originally, Pekalski was signed by Malmo as a promising prospect, but after half a season he managed to become a regular fixture in the side and cemented his spot in midfield for the remainder of the campaign. His performances earned him the Swedish Newcomer of the Year award for the 2010 season. During preparation for the current season, Pekalski picked up an ankle injury and missed the start of the campaign; he recently returned in the match against IFK Goteborg. Pekalski is a wonderful midfielder with superb passing ability. He is an intelligent player who is comfortable on the ball and is well aware of his strengths and limitations. Strengths He is best used as a defensive midfielder, as he reads the game well and is excellent at foiling opposition plays before supporting his team in the attacking build-up. Even though he is only 20 years old, Pekalski plays with maturity and confidence. He is comfortable in possession and exercises sound judgment more often than not, even when under pressure. Weaknesses While Pekalski is a strong and durable player, he lacks agility and speed. His movement is rather slow and despite often joining the attack, he rarely scores. His technique and dribbling skills could be improved; he is reliable on the ball mostly because he is intelligent enough to know what situations to avoid, but is not a tricky midfielder capable of ghosting past players with any special ball control capabilities. His shot accuracy is also somewhat lacking and he is generally not a player who poses much threat even when he gets close to the opposition goal due to his relatively slow reactions and mediocre finishing. In addition, his aerial game could be honed as he doesn't win enough of his headers. Mentality Pekalski has good mentality both on and off the pitch. He is a natural leader who always gives his all and keeps for the full 90 minutes. He was used to playing week-in week-out with Landskrona in the second tier but after switching to Malmo he was restricted to no playtime at all; hard work in the training sessions meant it was only a matter of time before the manager gave him a chance and he took it with both hands. Potential Pekalski has real potential and he is still only 20. With the right guidance, he could become a starter for medium to top level clubs in leagues such as the German Bundesliga. Yet there is still obvious room for improvement in several key aspects of his game. He does lack the pace to compete with elegant attacking midfielders in better leagues, at the moment. Regarding mentality, he has already proved his ability to cope with pressure by making the step up from the Swedish second division to playing for one of the top clubs in the Sweden. FM 2012: Strengths: Passing, composure, balance Weaknesses: Marking Description: Defensive Midfielder Personality: Fairly professional Suggested Roles: Deep-lying playmaker - Defend, Defensive Midfielder - Support PPM: Switches ball to other flank; Looks for pass rather than attempting to score Profile: Start of a save.
  11. I do not think has as PPM "Dictates Time", but: Tries killer balls often and curls ball ...
  12. Excellent development. It is natural since it is a dedicated professional (18) and his work rate is also above average (15). It is very good as Deep-Lying Playmaker, but its best role as Advanced Playmaker - Support, starting from midfield.
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