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  1. Hi @Adam Bell Thanks, reinstalled and all better 👍🏻 Kevin
  2. First time I have had FM on anything but my laptop, but really enjoying the FM Touch on the iPad. Having played FM on the desktop from the first Champ Man, here’s my future wishes/feedback: Struggling to improve morale without team talks or individual praise/criticism Would like to be able to download tactics/shortlists/skins direct to iPad without a PC Other than those, I’m really enjoying it. Despite my initial concerns, I’m quite enjoying not having to focus on individual staff types (e.g. Attack Coach) and not having match interviews, which get a bit repetitive. Kevin
  3. Thanks, it is giving me a handy excuse for my awful performance for now 🤣
  4. Hi Adam, Yep. Even tried them all individually too just to see if it would work. Only thing; is there a restart option in the game? I just closed the app and started it up again? Kevin
  5. Hi guys, When playing a match there is the Stats menu where you can see your player stats broken down. These only seem to show goals and assists no matter what selection I made (e.g. Goalkeeper, Defence etc). Attached a couple of screenshots to demonstrate. I’m guessing I should be seeing their play broken down into passes, key passes, tackles and the like. I know I have posted a couple of bugs today, but really loving the game! 😁 Kev
  6. Hi @Adam Bell Thanks for the quick reply. Just tried it inside the game and restarted, then from the main menu, then restarted, both haven’t changed the situation unfortunately. Any other ideas? 🤔 Kevin
  7. Hi guys, First time trying FM Touch on the iPad. I went ‘up’ the file directory (via Manage Tactics) when trying to look for a downloaded tactic and now it’s stuck there and I can’t navigate back to the default position because ... iOS is iOS. Kev
  8. I've just got the game and tried your formation with Man City in the injury challenge game. The points about the central midfield being irrelevant made me look to ways to make them useful. The idea was to have two BWM's either side of a playmaker in the attempt they would double up on the winger and stop the cut back. With me it seemed to have worked so thought you may be interested in experimenting with this further. http://www.2shared.com/file/6C3MywKL/Control_20.html - Download Link
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