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  1. Hi guys, I just edited the libertadores and sudamericana cups in order to get teams from north/central america to play in it. Both competitions works fine, and now I want to create a supercup between the winners of both cups. I added the supercup under "Other cups", I set in qualification system that the winner of Copa libertadores and the winner of Sudamericana qualify to the Supercup, but Im getting this error when I try to test rules: "Qualification system uses competition X but does not contain any rules for it" How can I resolve this? Thanks!
  2. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/380395-Ajax-When-Real-Life-Meets-Football-Manager-FM14?p=9327217&viewfull=1#post9327217
  3. No. Im not breaking any rule, Im not getting and advantage against AI. So, how is that cheating? Cheating would be using FMRTE to heal all my players. Simple like that. Increase/decrease CA / PA because SI get it wrong, or updating transfers, creating RL youngsters is cheating too? Don't think so. What Im saying is: people need to stop whining about injuries, is the same every year, every patch. They should tweak it to their like. If you don't like that part of the game, and you can tweak it, Do it! PD: And also I add a good number of injuries that aren't present in the game. So im hardly cheating.
  4. You are comparing two different things, one is cheating the other is decreasing injuries slighty . I never say I disable the injuries entirely (see? that would be cheating, just like reloading), instead of having a ratio of 2.0 I would use 1.7 / 1.5. So before you say something like that, do some reading compression please.
  5. People whining about injuries should do what im doing since fm 09. You can tweak it you know? Go to the editor and decrease the occurrence ratio for every injuries, and thats it.
  6. Personality is the key. I would take a model pro with 10 determination over a Fairly/Determined 18/19/20 determination every day. Except in those roles where determination is an important attribute.
  7. I still remember Celtic's Mark Burchill from CM 00/01, the man was a beast.
  8. Really? You need help with that? Decide for yourself.
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