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  1. Same for me. I love the new game and design and everything... but I can't get any results. My keeper passes to the opposition, my defenders just casually walk while the opponent breaks away. Got sacked 9 games in with Monaco :/. I've never been too bad in this game (been playing for 10 years +). Gonna wait for the full release before starting a game... But I want to play so bad!
  2. Very cool. He has tremendous mental abilities, plus his wage is really low!
  3. Yes it also happened to me. I scored a goal and nobody celebrated. The goalie just picked the ball up and lined up for a goal kick. I would have been furious if that had made me lose, but I was up 3-2 and managed to win...
  4. Yes, well that is normal... but I was just shocked to see the Hull manager spend all of his budget on a couple of players who he played for one or two games...
  5. Okay, I just noticed that the aforementionned managed just got fired!
  6. Hello everyone. I'm having a look at how managers are handling their money. I have to say that I'm a bit stupified because, for example, on manager spent most of his budget on a few players, who he then proceeded to put on the bench. They're not even "rotation", most of them have below 5 appearances late in the season. Of course, some are digruntled and handed transfer requests. Is this a special case for you guys, or just a matter of very poor managing abilities?
  7. Yes, but it also included Montreal before they were in the MLS. So it is between Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
  8. EA likes to make predictions with their own engine, such as with the NHL series. They predict the outcome of different games during weekends, and predicted the last Stanley Cup. They all do it for fun. The FM engine is more advanced IMO, so I don't see any problem with that!
  9. hahaha. Depends where they're playing. In England they don't, but if you're in Napoli oo lala
  10. 352 hours. God. I tend to let my computer on all day though... Only on my 3rd season with Monaco too
  11. Set your throw-in takers to go for the short option, that should help, as well as having takers of acceptable level.
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