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  1. So I simulated 7 seasons ahead to test things out, and A1 Northeast wound up with 58 teams from all over the country! I noticed the leagues are set so they can theoretically have all 129 teams in one division, so you may wana fix that.
  2. DUDE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'd been thinking of trying to do this at some point, but you saved me the hassle! Thanks so much!
  3. La Fiorita (Euro Div 4 F), I love LLM style management. Have you seen my edit though? Just wanna make sure I can continue, haha.
  4. I really like this mod, have been streaming a game in it on Twitch today. Pretty well made and enjoyable! EDIT: Found a bug, Asian teams can't sign non-Korean goalkeepers, but I;m unsure if that means all of Asia-Pacific or just South Korea if it's even the intention....
  5. Okay man, no problemo. Hope to see Level 5 soon.
  6. If you want help with Vic State League 4/5 East, I watch Healesville SC play on a semi-regular basis (might even play for them soon), so I can give a bit of help there. I can also give you details on Healesville's stadium, chairman election process (because FM can sim that now), league history and other things as I have close ties to the club. We just got a new pavilion recently too.
  7. I've had another look by making a skin that has a gigantic face panel, and while there are some differences between faces they are very little compared to previous years, and of course on a smaller panel that isn't half of a 1080p monitor, you would probably not see these very subtle differences. I do feel the FaceGen has taken a step too far back this year, while other games like OOTP (a former SI property at that...) have made huge leaps and bounds in FaceGen. I really do hold out hope this is merely a bug and it will be fixed next update, or at the very least before FM18. If it isn't fixed before then, I will have to weigh up very carefully whether or not even even buy FM18...
  8. Thankfully XML and JSON use very similar data structures, so it shouldn't be obverly hard.
  9. @KUBI Oh, I definitely understand that. As a developer myself though if a bug is usually reproducible with 100% success rate, I usually just do the steps myself and considering that this bug has happened for so many people with such widely ranging setups for a feature which many deem essential. It does seem like it takes a while though, especially when there's no publicly accessible bug tracker or ticketing system like most games use nowadays. It's mainly a transparency isSue in my opinion. It's not to say things don't get done, but I think us fans would at least like to see how progress is being made and or what steps are required. I'll be honest here but forum based bug reports don't scale nicely whatsoever. I know that first hand as a beta tester for a small indie game. Before it hit Steam it was manageable but after it hit Early Access it flooded and never stopped flooding. We did wind up changing things up a bit but it did get quite hard for a while. I guess what I'm trying to say is you guys need a ticketing system or something. haha
  10. @DimitriFromParis I've been feeling the same way since 2014 to be honest. It seems to me that when FIFA Manager died, SI decided to use their monopoly and rest on their laurels by adding eff all features like FIFAM did for so long. Reminds me of Internet Explore 6 before Firefox came out. It's just what a lack of competition does to anyone, sadly Still, it's only my opinion, and I have a lot more hope in SI than others in the same situation would. But I do kinda wish we had more choice on the market, but nothing SI can do about that. lol
  11. @cregan, that's pretty much exactly how I did it. haha I would have written a tutorial by now... but I had to be called interstate for a death in the family, so that took precedence.
  12. That Club Overview alone is enough to make me ditch FLUT! So, so good.
  13. I download this mod every year. Glad this and Belgium are finally up! Can't wait for Level 9. At least with this mod France is playable. Always hated the CFA being disabled in vanilla.
  14. Ack, sorry guys. Tutorial's had to take a back seat as there's been a family emergency. Probably won't be modding for a while as I'm interstate and focusing on other things.
  15. Sorry for the double post, but I made a breakthrough. By copying and pasting elements in the file @KUBI mentioned, I was able to create the templates and folders for alternate versions of the a, b, c, and e stadiums for 0-10000. Screenshot of stadium "aa": http://imgur.com/gallery/iN32o Screenshot of copy-pasted code: https://gyazo.com/8e1fc22e58102dc3ee2941380afce2f9 Screenshot of folder structure: https://gyazo.com/2d6b41f5db806af9fdc93abc4b913ab8 Screenshot of "aa" folder: https://gyazo.com/494fb14aab615c109b6e195123e2e1aa This is a real breakthrough for custom stadium modding, IMO. I'll clean-up these models and templates and zip them up for a Stadium Mod when I get more conclusive tests. What I'll actually do is make a tutorial on how to do this rather than re-redistribute SI assets.
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