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  1. didn't mean this kind of "physics me" changes, but more of a AI "positioning, clossing down, and also the corner bug" changes...
  2. Hi! I'm curious what r the match engine changes in this release, but not regarding the graphical changes, physics etc, but the ai. Will the fm20 13 be based on 12.2.2 patch me or will there be some major tweaks?
  3. It would be nice from SI employees if its possible to implement. It wouldn't take too much time of coding
  4. Yes, that "sim mode" could be organized by selecting the computer to control the opponent. (As it would be an option when selecting the teams for mini league or cups to select computer teams if not enough human players available to fill the space)
  5. Hello! This is an idea of simple friendly game. Pure arcade, not simulation. Not to start a new game with new season including several leagues, but if one of my friends comes to me, (or against computer) just to play a simple friendly game with clubs we select. No injured players and the morale is high for everyone, so the only influence affecting the game is the players tactical and strategical decisions and, of course, the footballers on field. It could be possible to arrange one-legged at neutral field, or two games (Home and Away games) or even to play a friendly tournament or friendly cups with couple of friends to make a weekend beer fun. Think this would be a great addition. Regards
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