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  1. Had a quick look and can't see this elsewhere but it appears my stadium has no capacity limit for friendly matches. I'm playing as FC Halifax in the Premier League and stadium capacity has increased to 35,000. However, when I play friendly games I get attendances of up to 90,000+
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    I'd just like to add, and I presume you realise this anyway given that I've put 6 seasons worth in , that despite the issues I've raised on here I am really loving having FM on my phone and it's better than I'd hoped for. Well done, guys.
  3. Just received a message on Aug 1st, 2016, telling me the board feel I should be performing slightly better in my role as manager. Given that I've taken FC Halifax from the basement into the Premiership with promotion every season (this is my sixth season) and I've won every preseason game with no financial troubles (comfortably inside wage and transfer budget), I find that a fairly harsh assessment Also - I'm finding an issue which has troubled me for years in CM/FM so I presume it's been brought up many times elsewhere but I'll mention it again - Kaka has been released on a free. I try to sign him (FC Halifax in Premiership), he says we couldn't meet his value. Fleetwood Town come in for him (League Two) so I offer terms again and he rejects us both. Doncaster (L2) try to buy him, I leave them to it, he signs for £3,900 per week while I was offering £26k per week and £400k signing fee?!
  4. Hi, On my 4th season - I've noticed for the first time that if I have a loan bid rejected and then click the 'bid' button from the related news screen and swap the offer type from loan to transfer, the sell on percentage goes to 80%. I can go up past 100% and even into negatives. Didn't dare try bidding with such a clause. I've tried it on several players and the same happens each time.
  5. Ok, put a few hours into it now. Altrincham have bought 12 players and are the only ones interested in my players. But further to this, 4 out of 4 players I've missed out on (ones too good for FC Halifax such as James Beattie and Marcus Bent) who were on my short list, have ended up signing for AFC Bournemouth. Again, seems far too much for coincidence, is there some alphabetical link in that it's just picking the first team in my division and first in the division those players are suited to? Other teams are doing normal transfers in my game, but every deal I get involved in sees AFC Bournemouth and Altrincham stick their beaks in
  6. Cheers, 9 players now gone to Altrincham - I'll be gutted if they turn me over later in the season. Enjoying the game - will probably enjoy it more once I can concentrate on it at home rather than at work. Well done to all those involved, feels like a good balance to me so far. Enough depth to make it interesting but not too much to make it a grind on a mobile device.
  7. Hi, Just started a game on FM2012 as FC Halifax manager. Transfer listed all my players immediately and over the next 2 weeks have sold 6 players to Altrincham who have also lodged bids for another 3 of my players - no other clubs have shown an interest. Seems a bit excessive?! Not even reached my first friendly game yet but will let you know if some other team shows an interest. Other than that - looks like it's going to be fun. I used to be a researcher for Huddersfield way back when but gave it up due to time constraints and went away from the Championship Manager/Football Manager scene over the past few years. Hoping this will ignite my interest again on some level