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  1. Thanks for posting the links, I'm also playing 352 and struggling a little defensively with long balls over the top and players becoming a bit isolated so a very helpful read!
  2. Awesome, I think you've just made me want to start with Milan! No Calabria for WBR?
  3. I'm contemplating starting a new game in Italy with either Milan or Fiorentina. I'm assuming the Fiorentina save may be a more challenging start with their lower quality players and lower budget but I could see the Milan save being challenging, especially trying to win the Champions League for a 6th time. What are people's experiences with this? I would like to play a 3421/3412 formation which Milan's starting squad appears great for, Fiorentina less so but assume Chiesa for instance could play as a SS. Also I would like to try and sign mostly Italian players (Pellegri, Melegoni, Barella, D'Amico, etc) with the odd South American thrown in where needed. Milan appears to have a lot of good Italian players right from the start but as Fiorentina are these players attainable by season 2-3?
  4. I have started a game with Benfica and really enjoying it so far, though slightly worried it will perhaps get a bit too easy to win the League.. but will see how it goes. So far I am top of the league, highlights include beating Porto 2-0, and I have just qualified from the group stage of the Champions League with 2 games to go, the highlight here was beating Man City 1-0 at the Estadio da Luz. I’m playing a 4-1-2-2-1 with success but has anyone (at Benfica or elsewhere) managed Zivkovic and what role have you got him to perform best in? I am mainly playing him on the left as a IF but his ratings are quite low here and don’t improve when I play him on the right either.... I have started the game with transfers disabled but now I am starting to think about the future and decided that as much as possible I am going to build the squad around the great young players already at the club and with the exception of maybe a CB I don’t think I will really need to sign anyone (assuming I can keep hold of most of the young players coming through). From my reckoning there are about 9 central midfielders at Benfica aged 16-20 who are wonderkids: Rodrigues, Luis, Fernandes, Dantes, Batista, Horta, Carvalho, Soares, Felix... most appear to be best used at Advanced Playmakers but I am going to try and train as few to be better as CM(A) or Mezzalas, hopefully this will work! Has anyone any experience on which are best as Playmakers and others good to retrain?
  5. Thanks, I just had a look at my B-team and there seems to be 40+ players there so a bit of culling is probably in order. Additionally do you know with B-teams who advises on current and potential ability? Is that my assistant manager or B-team manage,r as I don't believe the information I am seeing - I have attached a screenshot of my B-team with potential ability shown and the majority of my players are showing 4 stars...can this be correct?
  6. Perfect, thanks. One thing I was wondering earlier today was whether its possible for me to tell my B-team manager which players I want him to focus on playing, or do I have no influence on his selection choices? A number of my good young players are aged 18-20 so from your comment I need these guys to be playing regularly and if they're in my B-team I can at least influence their training regime as well, I just dont trust my B-team manager to pick the players I want him to pick on his own
  7. Thats great thanks. So I should identify the attributes I think are important for the positions and how I want to play e.g. technique, first touch, passing, positioning, etc and find some roles that focus on these attributes. Last night I put most of the players who I want to play as a MC to train as a Box to Box Midfielder as it seems to cover all the attributes I would like my players to develop.. hopefully that makes sense and I am not being too general
  8. I decided to buy FM18 last week despite not having played FM for the past few years and now I am looking for some guidance on the best approach to developing young players as I’ve started a game with Benfica and realised that they have quite a lot of really good young players, especially ones that play at MC/AMC and AML/AMR e.g. Zivkovic, Felix, Carvalho, Horta & Krovinovic. I’ve decided to try and build a 4-1-2-2-1 formation (though potentially going to look at 3-4-2-1 for the next season) as I think it suits the 1st team players I have and the young players should all be able to fit into it. I’m hoping eventually to have a possession based style of play, with the MCL & MCR being creative & attacking players and I hope a lot of the goals coming from the AML & AMR positions. My thoughts are that I should set the young players (actually probably all players) on individual training schemes but can anyone help me with (or point me towards guides on): - What attributes are best for me to focus on developing for all players? - With the core attributes what is the minimum value should I be looking for with a side like Benfica? 14-16? - Are there any roles in particlar that I should look at training my MC/AMC and AMR/AML players in to help them develop the core attributes needed for these positions and also allow them to fulfil a number of different roles e.g. I may want Zivkovic to be able to play as an Inside Forward, Raumdeuter or Winger potentially this season and next season maybe an AMC or Advanced Playmaker... - Are there any personality traits I should focus on and how can I get these to change? - Is it ok to leave my best young players in the U19 and B-Team squads (frankly my coaches for these teams are rubbish and it may take some time before I can find better coaches) or should I loan them out? - Anything else I should consider? Many Thanks!
  9. After not buying the last 2-3 releases I will be looking to play FM14. Will probably have games wit Liverpool, Benfica & Zenit
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