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  1. Looking good, I've been bouncing around a few saves of late and really struggling to just stick to one but you've motivated me to go back to my Milan save and continue my mission of building a mainly Italian squad and bringing success back to the club. How have you found it keeping hold of players like Hernandez and Donnarumma? You're not having too many issues with the likes of Man City or Man Utd come in with bids and them becoming unsettled?
  2. I've made some updates to the roles and changed the TI's. On the two outside CBs I have added stay wider to try and encourage them to move out a bit and hopefully the HB can help support the CB in the middle. I think the CBs should be good enough (hopefully) for this tactic, although Bastoni still has some development to do.
  3. Correct, I'm looking more for attack-minded football than defensive. Normally I prefer in FM 4 man defences but with Inter I do think the starting squad suits a 3 man with WB's currently and its something I would like to try using (as IRL - although the LWBs aren't good enough). A thought I had was to push the 2 WB's forward, maybe with Hakimi as a Winger and Perisic/Young as a defensive winger, or move to having an AP/AM just behind the 2 strikers so the formation is more 3412. Something like this for the 3142 in terms of roles (I haven't adjusted any Tis): And along the
  4. Hey, I'm looking for some guidance on how to set up a positive 3-5-2 formation for my Inter team. Its a new save and I haven't tried this formation before on FM21, but it suits the players, and it's mainly the midfield roles and TI's I think I'm struggling with to get the balance right. It may just be me, but I do feel the front 2 aren't getting enough support and are being left too much to themselves. I did choose 'focus play through the middle' as at times it seemed every move ended up with WBs running into dead-ends. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this formation and how
  5. Great thank you, I'm seeing what looks like much better interplay using the 4231 than the 433 so far. But still very early days and 4231 is the main tactic for training.
  6. Just picked up FM21 and starting a new game with AC Milan. I like playing possession based football but with a bit of bite to it where possible. Looking at the squad I've put together 2 tactics which I'm going to try and and wondered if anyone can see any areas that could be improved on, I haven't tried to use many TI's and with the PI's I've put the front 4 (Mez in the 433) on Close Down More. Also anyone with experience with AC Milan / Serie A on which tends to do better against teams that use a 3 man defence? 4231: 433:
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Everything apart from the striker scoring was working and as I have got a bit frustrated with that I have started making more changes to see what brings him into the game e.g. having overlaps and crosses as I'm using him as a target man and his heading is very good (yet to result in a goal or an assist). I'm going to have a few days off from the game and try again with fresh ideas.
  8. So after a couple more games this seems to be working more effectively than my starting tactic, defensively I am doing well and the SV seems to be working - but I'm not happy with it. I'm getting a decent amount of shots mainly from within the penalty area and my possession is around 55%-60%, but I am really not creating many clear cut chances (the opposition so far has created 13 more chances than I have this season) and my striker has scored 1 goal so far - something I would really like to improve. From looking at my possession heat map and passing combinations from my last match I thin
  9. Thanks, I have been playing 4123 with my Roma team but I would like to switch back to 4231 and move the '2' to the DM could be a good option. I will see about changing the tactic and what happens when I do this. I have created an updated tactic and I will try a SV(A) and DLP(S) initially as the two deep DMs and a AM(S) for the 10 role. I would like to try a TQ as an alternate option here as well, although I'm concerned this could leave me a bit vulnerable. Also the Out Of Possession Instructions I'm unsure on, especially the line of defence. I know IRL Roma push up a long way but in the
  10. This is the 4123 I will trial with Roma. From a couple of friendlies it does seem to be working ok. One change I may look at is the DLP to an AP(s) and maybe the DL to an IWB(s) One thing I did find was in my first competitive game I ended up with only 40% possession which I would like to increase to 50% ideally, however I did win 3-0.
  11. Thanks @Rashidi, I will have a go with changing the mentality down to Positive, using a DLF(s) and changing the wings slightly and seeing whether both as IW or with one as an IF brings better chances. I have started training to develop the required attributes but still a bit more time needed with them. I haven't tried it yet but will using an AP(S) instead of a RPM change much in how the tactic works? I assume it may lose a little bit of the fluidity. Out of interest have you tried a 4231 with FM20?
  12. Thanks, yes I used it in FM19 as I like the style and trying to emulate it in FM20 with a a few role changes to try and suit my players
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on how I may be able to get more goals from my attachers in my Attacking 4-1-2-3 formation. I'm playing a new game as Atletico Madrid, and from 18 competitive games I feel like my front 3 are struggling for goals: Felix has 2 goals, Costa 4, Morata 5 & Lemar 3. On the Analysis page I can see that of 307 touches in the opposition penalty area I have score 6 goals. Too often I feel like goals are coming from the edge of the box, rather than closer to the penalty area. Are there any tips you can suggest or role changes? I have tried a few differen
  14. Thank you for clarifying! I will give it a go and see what happens. I'm also thinking of developing a possession based 4123 as it may be a bit more defensively strong than the 4231 is and I do have the players for it, Out of interest Experienced Defender & Johnny Ace do you have a favourite formations for FM?
  15. ok, I hadn't thought that potentially the striker role would need to change. Can I ask why you would put them on an attack duty? Is that to help create space for the TQ and add penetration? I guess the TQ would not be looking to run past the striker as a SS would.
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