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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Everything apart from the striker scoring was working and as I have got a bit frustrated with that I have started making more changes to see what brings him into the game e.g. having overlaps and crosses as I'm using him as a target man and his heading is very good (yet to result in a goal or an assist). I'm going to have a few days off from the game and try again with fresh ideas.
  2. So after a couple more games this seems to be working more effectively than my starting tactic, defensively I am doing well and the SV seems to be working - but I'm not happy with it. I'm getting a decent amount of shots mainly from within the penalty area and my possession is around 55%-60%, but I am really not creating many clear cut chances (the opposition so far has created 13 more chances than I have this season) and my striker has scored 1 goal so far - something I would really like to improve. From looking at my possession heat map and passing combinations from my last match I think my team is sitting too deep, and my TM I think is probably too isolated but I'm struggling on how I can solve this. Possibly put the SV on Attack (or move up a tier and change role?), put the AM on Attack with the wings on Support.. Any advice @Experienced Defender or @Rashidi you could give to create more chances for my forward and make them much more involved would be really helpful. My SV is Lorenzo Pellegrini, potentially he is not well suited to this role:
  3. Thanks, I have been playing 4123 with my Roma team but I would like to switch back to 4231 and move the '2' to the DM could be a good option. I will see about changing the tactic and what happens when I do this. I have created an updated tactic and I will try a SV(A) and DLP(S) initially as the two deep DMs and a AM(S) for the 10 role. I would like to try a TQ as an alternate option here as well, although I'm concerned this could leave me a bit vulnerable. Also the Out Of Possession Instructions I'm unsure on, especially the line of defence. I know IRL Roma push up a long way but in the game I don't know how well this will work with the opposition sending long balls over the top. especially if I choose a slower CB combination. I'm also trying a variation with a Target-man and TQ to see if I can get better involvement from my strikers. Getting my forward to score consistently is proving a challenge for me in FM20. Maybe there is another role which others are having more success with In my last match which was a 0-0 draw I had 24 shots (the majority from inside the penalty area) but only 3 were by Dzeko and he made only 9 passes. Something really isn't clicking right now.
  4. This is the 4123 I will trial with Roma. From a couple of friendlies it does seem to be working ok. One change I may look at is the DLP to an AP(s) and maybe the DL to an IWB(s) One thing I did find was in my first competitive game I ended up with only 40% possession which I would like to increase to 50% ideally, however I did win 3-0.
  5. Thanks @Rashidi, I will have a go with changing the mentality down to Positive, using a DLF(s) and changing the wings slightly and seeing whether both as IW or with one as an IF brings better chances. I have started training to develop the required attributes but still a bit more time needed with them. I haven't tried it yet but will using an AP(S) instead of a RPM change much in how the tactic works? I assume it may lose a little bit of the fluidity. Out of interest have you tried a 4231 with FM20?
  6. Thanks, yes I used it in FM19 as I like the style and trying to emulate it in FM20 with a a few role changes to try and suit my players
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on how I may be able to get more goals from my attachers in my Attacking 4-1-2-3 formation. I'm playing a new game as Atletico Madrid, and from 18 competitive games I feel like my front 3 are struggling for goals: Felix has 2 goals, Costa 4, Morata 5 & Lemar 3. On the Analysis page I can see that of 307 touches in the opposition penalty area I have score 6 goals. Too often I feel like goals are coming from the edge of the box, rather than closer to the penalty area. Are there any tips you can suggest or role changes? I have tried a few different roles for the CF but I have so far been unhappy with all of them, and the average ratings for Felix on the left wing are consistently low.
  8. Thank you for clarifying! I will give it a go and see what happens. I'm also thinking of developing a possession based 4123 as it may be a bit more defensively strong than the 4231 is and I do have the players for it, Out of interest Experienced Defender & Johnny Ace do you have a favourite formations for FM?
  9. ok, I hadn't thought that potentially the striker role would need to change. Can I ask why you would put them on an attack duty? Is that to help create space for the TQ and add penetration? I guess the TQ would not be looking to run past the striker as a SS would.
  10. Thank you. I took some ideas from the vertical tiki-taka presets for the team instructions and I do like teams that press but will see how I go without these. I don’t think the fairly narrow is needed either. I’m tempted to swap the SS for TQ (only driven by the history of Roma with Totti), I think Zaniolo could play the position (need to get home to check), but are there any other positions that may need changing to cover as I know it is a role that does less defensively?
  11. Hi, I'm starting a new game with Roma and looking to develop a positive possession focused 4231, but this is a formation I have played very little and so looking for some guidance. My main issue I think is around the central 2, I've gone with a DLP-D and BBM, roles which I think complement my players and shouldn't leave me too open but I'm not sure. My next step will be to test with some more games but any initial advice would help.
  12. Lucas Leiva to Real Madrid for 15.25m in first window, Joaquin 1m to Real Sociedad, Alderweireld to Liverpool
  13. I think I will start with Lyon, although a game with a Bundesliga team interests me, I just don't know which one: RB Leipzig, Hertha Berlin or Dortmund
  14. Thanks for posting the links, I'm also playing 352 and struggling a little defensively with long balls over the top and players becoming a bit isolated so a very helpful read!
  15. Awesome, I think you've just made me want to start with Milan! No Calabria for WBR?
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