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  1. ... Any places got the same price but just for the steam code? Who buys actual physical discs in 2017
  2. Don't know if this is still the case on FM2016 but I remember looking up the ratings of training facilities and youth facilities with Genie Scout on FM2015 and being absolutely baffled at how highly rated English teams in general were while foreign teams with actual renowned academies were rated far lower. Better facilities = better players = more success
  3. Heh, I loaned some of the same players, didn't turn out to be quite the stroll I imagined, though. Mainly because absolutely eveybody was useless at finishing, had way too many 0-0 games with 10+ shots on target. Scraped promotion by 1 point in the end.
  4. Parma still have the £60m debt from FM2015 which they don't anymore IRL...
  5. Most files enabling Serie D are based on FM2015 files which have the old debt of around £65m included. The data update by pr0 has a file enabling Serie D as well, I've yet to try it though and don't know if it has the debt. Hopefully not.
  6. No debt IRL. If you start a game with no additional file and holiday a season until they get promoted to Lega Pro, there's no debt either.
  7. I'm guessing they just took the 2015 file and changed what teams are in what divisions. I've just seen that FMonlineforum.com has released their version, they're the ones who made it last year so I'm guessing it works but I'm yet to try it myself. Ignore that, Parma have a €80m debt on this one as well.
  8. Also, with that file Parma have around €80m of debt which the newly formed club doesn't have irl
  9. Ooft, didn't realise the difference would be that big. Seems like the difference in performance definitely outweighs the price difference, cheers.
  10. Quick question - is there a massive difference between a laptop with a i7-4700MQ + GeForce 840M and one with a i5-4200M + GeForce GT740M? Other than that they're practically identical and the only gaming they'd be used for would be FM.
  11. Generally I'd say I'm a seller but that's because a large part of my signings are bargains when players with obvious potential are unhappy, out of contract or transfer listed so I get a huge profit for them. In the case of Liam Smith, I wouldn't have felt good about selling him, though, as the initial outlay for him was so high. But then again, he was unhappy and would've probably kicked up a fuss so I can definitely see why you might sell him.
  12. Hi, apart from having 4gb of RAM which I would upgrade, how does this sound for the equivalent of about £375-ish? Acer E5-571G Intel Core i5-5200U Dual-core 2.20 GHz 39.6 cm (15.6") HD (1366 x 768) 16:9 NVIDIA GeForce 840M with 2 GB Dedicated Memory 4 GB, DDR3L SDRAM 500 GB HDD
  13. Quite possibly the single most annoying thing I've had happen on FM is when my team scores, I pause the match during the replay to make some defensive tactical changes and then promptly concede before the changes have even taken place. Can't say that I've had it happen unrealistically often or anything, though.
  14. It's $35.78 on oneplay.com with the discount code FM152014, beta access included
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