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  1. Same issue with NVidia Shield K1. Since last week I had the message "Invalid license" asa I launched the game (it only worked when Wifi was on). But since this week end, "Unofficial source" as described by oznaldo... I am getting more and more annoyed, please fix that !!
  2. Hey, I play FMTouch on Android. At first sight I was so happy to see the number of national teams available compared to last year's game. But when I choose a small team (I tried Antigua and Solomon Island), I am said that teams are not available to play with. Is there a way to select them as they are proposed ? Thank you
  3. Offered National Role

    And you could continue your game without knowing you only had to save before accepting the job in case of you could not play with both (which is not the case)
  4. I need some advice

    Please, I need help, I am going on stores tommorrow
  5. Hey guys, I will buy a new tab which is able to play FMT. It will be Nvidia Shield K1, or Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70. The fact is that I can't find Nvidia Shield K1 on stores (I live in France), only on the Internet and I want it before Christmas. Therefore I am thinking of Lenovo Tab, but for those who owned it, it is able to play the game correctly or is it lagging, slow and so on ? Plus, what do you think of this tab in overall (Lenovo). I need your help, Thank you, Vic
  6. FMT Devices

    Thank you for this answer, indeed, it helps !
  7. Hi guys, I really want to buy a new tab in order to be able to play FMT ! Yet, I'd like to know if the list given there : http://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-touch-2016#compatibility is full or no ? I mean, does any other tablet with good characteristics (2gb ram...) are able to launch the game ? Are there other tablets that are not in the list that can play the game ? Btw, is there the 2D engine ?? Thanks a lot !!
  8. Contract bug ?

    Thank you for solving it
  9. Contract bug ?

    Olympique Lyonnais : Jordan Ferri Large db on, All French leagues + Germany + England + Ireland
  10. Around 200 logos of international federation. Download it here : http://fmhxooit.vraiforum.com/t1629-Pack-de-logos-des-f-d-rations.htm Put the folder in fmh2015_data/data but make a back up before. Enjoy Screenshots : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/48/1416927940-2014-11-25-15-58-27.jpeg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/48/1416927941-2014-11-25-15-59-17.jpeg
  11. Hello, I hope you will enjoy playing Football Manager Handheld 2015 with Germany or Japan national teams because it is now possible. Like every year they are not playable because of licence reasons, but we can make them playable by editing saves. Germany save : large db on, every German leagues, France, England, Italy Japan save : large db on, Australian league, France, England, Germany Put the save you want in fmh2015_data/save_games. You always have to have at least one player in the time or it will not work anymore. Then you also need to know that you will not have the pop up asking you to confirm your 23-26 players. Link : http://uptobox.com/1j686kz1cny0 Screenshot : http://img.xooimage.com/files110/6/e/9/2014_11_27_15.37.49-48c6f6d.png Special thanks to rseven who taught me how to use Hex editor.
  12. Contract bug ?

    The player was observed by 2 others clubs (Monaco & Monchengladbach), his value was 5.25M€, bids started at 0, I put selling price at 8M€, both club did not want him anymore, and the third club (Mainz) offered him a contract (for 0€) and he will join them in 2,5 years... The player was not even on transfer list.
  13. other nations/league yes but for leagues it is a very important work. There will not be before a few months I guess
  14. Contract bug ?

    My player has signed a contract with another club : he will join Mainz at the end of his contract on July 2017. The problem is that my game is only in 2014. Is it a bug?
  15. Bug with the editor in FMH 2015

    No problem, I hope you'll be able to fix it