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  1. Yeah, I actually mentioned this in my post earlier on. I have use 20m budget and small database, the AI team will only choose 2-3 players, maximum 4, with about 10m budget left.
  2. Hi, I have played draft mode with AI several times, I found that the two draft mode related achievement is still not yet unlocked (Living the Dream & Beat your mate). And I found that if I choose 20m budget and small database (1500), the AI team will only choose like 3 or 4 players, feel like a bug.
  3. Hi, As shown in the uploaded picture, I noticed in the FM17 feature video there is a drop list with option 'start game as club manager'. Do anyone know what else options do we have there? Is it just 'start as unemployed' or there are options like 'start as U-20 manager'? Thanks
  4. Thank you for that. When I ask that question I assume the answer is possible. And my next question will be have ever a PL player with 15/10 marked as CAPA50? I assume the answer is no, no first team PL player have CA50. That is where my discussion come from. Well I never have a CAPA50 player did 15/10, but I do have a CAPA~70 player whom did very well in PL and I believe no real player with similar stats ever been marked even close as low as CAPA70 in FM database (I remember is Hurst in my Hednesford save). My initial thought is if a player in real life perform as such will be mark CA120 in the game for example, he should have something similar(like PA for veteran indicate his full ability at his best time, my understanding is CA means his full ability today) and of course with some game mechanism prevent spiral effect(like consistency or other mechanism). Increase CA will lead to spiral effect is not the excuse for make such a player stay with CAPA50. And yes I know CAPA is only one of many part deciding performance, I just use the term CAPA to represent full ability here, we can change it the conversation to stars: if a player did 15/10 should he have at least 3 star instead of half? Anyway no matter we agree each other or not, I feel we have both shown our opinion, that should be enough. Btw I am quite surprise some moderator's discourage tongue here, and even comment such discussion pointless.
  5. Make it simple, is it possible a CAPA 50 player do 15/10 in a PL season in game?
  6. Yeah then I may misunderstand the consistency. So how to present a player whom could do very good in one season but pretty poor for the other seasons in the database?
  7. Yes I know that, the CA is a combination of attribute, calculate by some secret algorithm. Different by position etc. Determination/Aggressive/etc is not calculated in. What I am trying to say is, no matter how you arrange the attributes within CA50 limit, you cannot design a player that can do 15 goals and 10 assists. If you could, there must in history such a player and in the database his CA is 50. And we all know that in database there is no real player how did that before been marked PA50(his peak). So for the same reason if a player in the game did that, he should not be mark as 50 as well
  8. A player with 15 goals/10 ass is not equal to consistent, he could only shining for that season and be below average for all other season, it happened in real world. If I want to present such a player in game, he should have good ability and very bad consistency, where am I wrong?
  9. I know that already. I am saying regardless how you/AI set up tactic, how good the player hidden attribute, a player with CA50 should not make 15 goals and 10 assists in a PL season. If you once do, it represent he is not CA50
  10. Sorry my English is bad, could you explain what you mean
  11. I said, he could have improved CA but fall in consistency, which means he could do that good when he play with full ability, but very occasionally.
  12. I am saying his CA should be improve and make his performance in line with attributes. It is you say his CA is limit with 50 and he is playing above his ability
  13. My understanding is CA decide the upper side he could play with his full ability, and consistency/work rate/etc. decide the performance of each game. If a player can play above his CA ability, there is no need to have CA.
  14. No one here fully understand the relationship between CA, attributes & the ME
  15. Haha that is our difference. I believe a player can do 15 goals/10 assists in PL season, for once in his life, is not CA50. CA means how good he could be with his full ability. What I expect for CA150 should never be done by CA50, otherwise the difference between CA50 and CA150 is only the possibility. The possibility should not be determine by CA, but by consistency/work rate etc.