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  1. Few things I feel essential and need improve for many years: 1. Whenever we take over a new club, the previous undergoing transfer will be cancelled (both in and out), moreover because of the breakdown the player may refuse to re-start the negotiate. I feel when new manager on board to the new club, there should have a discussion which transfer I could carry on and which to be cancelled. 2. For some reason, I could never offer full time contract when I managing semi-pro clubs, this should be fixed. We should able to offer full time for player status as Key Players 3. Having the staff attribute masked as well? If we have someone worked with X then we may know more about him. Also some filter option for place advert as well? 4. Apart of storm out/no comment, add an option to wrap up the press conference after answered 4 or 5 questions? 5. An option to change appearance in the game? i.e. tie color/hair style 6. A way to archive certain emails 7. A way to understand a player's wage demand before make an formal offer(so no need to annoy the player), maybe through their agent. Currently when we approach free a player we can see "doubt", "extreme doubt" as an indicator, but they are not good predicator for wage demand as they link to reputation, etc.
  2. I have a CA 40 youth with PA 190+, all my 6 coach think he is CA 1.5-2 stars and PA4.5-5 stars, no one think he may end up just 2 or 2.5 stars. I didn't test too much samples though
  3. Thanks for reply, what I mean is not a 5 star player become 2 star in 2 years, as this could because the average PA of the team increase. What I mean here is at the same time, for the same player, scout A think his PA is 5 star but scout B think he is 2. As far as I can recall the biggest difference is like 1.5 stars. I feel it is not realistic especially for youth, there must some people believe he can turn out great but some don't believe it.
  4. Hey Barside, I am not sure the PA can be very inaccurate now, have you come across a time for one player two coach reports PA is 3 stars or more in difference?
  5. Hi, Recently there is a post regarding people release low potential youths immediately after they generated. This make me think about the game mechanism. In the game we know a 16yr old potential immediately after received them, and the coaching report is almost 99% accurate. However in real life I feel you can tell the potential of a 26yr old player but will be very hard to tell a 16yr old one. I have come out two ideas regarding on this: 1) The scout/coach report for youth is more uncertain. Not only more inaccurate, I would appreciate different scouts will have different judgment, some feel one is good and others feel he is not (and for sure high JP will have better chance to judge accurate overall). For now it is like all the scouts in the world can picture a player's potential 10 years later accurately and JP only determine how long he come out this accurate result 2) Maybe for youth under let's say 20 have a ranged PA, i.e. -5, so he will have a fix PA once he turn out 20, but before his PA is in range of 80-100, and different factors like playing time, injury, personality, etc will have impact on how much PA he will get when he is 20. Any thought?
  6. 4-1-4-1 can be very solid in defense but will struggling in making chance at many time. Try untick tight marking and high d-line and tick stay on feet, your opponent may have many shoot but 90% of them will be from long range.
  7. Hi, some thought, maybe not necessary new features. - For the current system, at the day we onboard to a new club, all there undergoing transfer will be canceled. I feel at least there should be an option to ask the new manager if they like these transfer. - For off side, I feel there are some bugs. many times the ref whistle is too late, many times they could whistle at the first time but they wait the offside player run all the way to chase the ball and whistle when he close. And many times they whistle offside but the offside player just position himself in the middle and have absolutely no intention or possibility to catch the ball. This should not be an offside. - An option to manager the inbox, i.e. to create folder or archive mails. One situation I have for most of my LLM save is, when I onboard a new club, I received a recruit recommendation from coach, but I have no scout so I need to post a advert and wait until I have a scout then able to scouting those players. It could take a few weeks. And if I take a lot trials in the middle, my index will be jammed by trial intake and leave and when I have the scout, the recommendation no is outdated and no longer exist. I could not archive the mail so have to add all this recommendation into a shortlist one by one. - When scouting a player, physical are most easy to get, then technical, then mental. That make sense in logic - The current press talk is so repeated. I believe most people just skip it after half a season. The reporter's question should re-designed. If I never respond a certain question or always answer the same way, he should not ask the same question week and weeks. There could introduce a chain event like in games crusader kings, so if we answer a certain option there could be a chain event in the next couple of weeks/months. Thanks,
  8. I feel retired player could tutor young players if they accept the non-playing position. Or maybe allow coach to tutor player will be a good idea
  9. Feel like someone else rise the same issue a month or so before. Apart of the issues reported above, one myth for me is it is common to see a right winger with right foot only make cross by his left foot. I remember in FM16 the developer said they are aware the issue and they are working on it, but seems got no improvement. Also beside in one on one situation the striker never try past goalie and always shoot on goalie's face, I would love to see the striker aim to shoot through the goalie's legs, feel never see this either
  10. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    If I play a away game and the pitch size is wide than my home, and I want my team to cover the same ratio of pitch as at home, should I increase the width of my formation, or my team will automatically for the pitch size (so automatic increase the gap between each position as well)?
  11. And I understand the OP is saying. The current system seems increase the reputation based on your previous reputation, like each trophy will increase a certain percentage. What make better sense is like no matter how low is your previous reputation, if you win a high profile competition (PL, ECL), your new reputation will at least be national (a floor level). Just imagine a rich guy buy a PL club and manage himself (no qualifications and Sunday League rep) and miraculously win the PL trophy, he will sure a very famous and reputable.
  12. I like to play LLM as well. IRL it is unrealistic to get a Vanarama offer for no qualifications and Sunday League rep. The game make this part unrealistic. If we go through other manager in Vanarama league, they all at least have a National A license if I remember correctly. I was search for what National C licenses is but did not have a exact answer, as the license is not universal in all countries. If is stand for the lowest possible licenses, if should be a very basic 5v5 football licenses, surely it is very hard for you to apply for a 11v11 football team, especially when we have Sunday League rep. I feel no qualifications and Sunday League rep even hard to apply for a primary school football coach IRL.
  13. Correct me if I am wrong: - with same ambition and professionalism, higher determination will increase CA more quicker, and maybe by a very significant margin? - with low training facilities in lower league, you are unlikely to see any improvement for your star players, but maybe some improvement for below average players (like a CA threshold depending on your training facility)? Do you know for facilities 1 what will be the CA celling?
  14. No I am not talking about that. In few year ago there is a FM version that you can add CA, PA and AP(the minimum price their club will accept for sale) column in the view, which should be something SI use for development but forget to remove when game release. I think you mean the 5 stars staff opinion, I am saying a column you can have numerical PA from 1 - 200