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  1. I think he means for example a 5 years contract and release clause can only be triggered from year 3? Sometime the release clause price is different for year 3 and year 4 as well.
  2. Interesting! I've seen in the new teaser players will walk on the pitch before a game start. I am thinking it will be nice too see manager walk around his box and when I instruct a team shout, he will call the nearest player come over or shout and wave his arms to demonstrate. Hug the player after been substituted or the player is not happy and go straight to change room. In fm16 when we create a new game we can design our hairstyle and dress up, we may should able to design how we celebrate or give pressure to ref as well, like Klopp style or Van Gaal style, and maybe change hair style and cloth during the game? Sometime I wish to change my appearance after a heavy loss
  3. Hi, I found that when I play the 'create a club' mode and and import my own club logo, that logo won't shown up on the shirt. I don't know if there is anyway to do this, and if not please make it on the FM17. Thanks
  4. Hi, I always start my save from lowest league and for FM16 I have promoted from bottom to top in both England and Scotland. From what I see in the game I feel the game play for very top player and amateur player is almost the same. In real life I saw amateur games tend to be much slow tempo, players tend to walking rather than jogging when off ball, less level of physical combat compare to professional, and many more silly mistakes. Sometime if there is one or two professional player join the game, they are play like Messi, or if they are goalkeeper they can almost stop all the goals. What I want to say is I feel the game play for low league and top league should be quite different, but in game if I just watch the pitch play, I can hardly tell which level of the game it is.
  5. The system don't remember your previous play style thus cause this problem. I remember if I change the instruction and change back on day after, the familiarity won't come back. I feel this is a bug and may should be fixed in fm17. Although I don't know the algorithm how tactic familiarity will impact the game, I feel the familiarity should not be linear, i.e. it may take 2 or 3 weeks from awkward to competent but takes months from accomplished to fluid. Imagine in real world, sometimes a team will prepare a special tactic for an important match(i.e. Mourinho's 3DM for RM vs. Barce), it would be suicide in fm if you prepare a very new tactic (new formation, new mentality, new passing style, etc.) against strong opponent with only one or two weeks preparation. Also I feel the tactic familiarity should not put on the team, but the players. This make better sense and if we sign a new player from a club playing similar style as we do, he should adapt in more quickly (which I think is might be one consideration for signing player in real world).
  6. Sorry I didn't notice that. But I found in the tactic pitch view, the BWM(D) is sit deeper than CM(D), so I assume the mentality for these two are different as well?
  7. Just want to point out the two roles are not the same, as the CM(D) have a hold position PI which you cannot remove. We can probably copy the BWM(D)'s PI on the CM(S), but the mentality will be different. So in conclusion, you cannot have a customised CM behave like a BWM(D). I am thinking if we having each role with no PI by default (just like CM(S), and by selecting one or more PIs, the system will change the position name to the closest set? I sometimes feel I want more freedom to design my player's role. i.e. I may want to instruct a player never take long shot, regardless the scenario. "you take one more long shot, I will put you in the reserve team and you will never back.", but with the current system, the best I can do is very structured shape, work ball into box, more discipline, no long shot ppm and maybe slow tempo, etc., but still he will take long shot some time. I wish there is something like the tempo slider, from never->rare->sometime->often->whenever possible->no brainer. It might create very stupid tactic, but I should be able to do so. Please don't say you can already do this.
  8. No I can not do this. I found it is very common when I loan a player being key player and only play 15 games include 8 subs in a season. Could you tell me precisely how many start-up should I expect for being a first time or rotation? And for having a minimum start up clause in loan negotiation, we will ask the club pay compensation for not meet the target, and they will try their best to at least meet that target. Recall a player is not what we want, even if we recall we still miss the transfer window. What I want is when there are many offers in front me, I can negotiate and choice one that will surely satisfy my expectation. Now I cannot.
  9. Interesting findings. As I posted in feature request forum, I think for loan a player or signing a player, there should a clause that guarantee the minimum start-up for the season.
  10. I think it is fair enough that SI won't let manger use their own money in the game, but maybe there could be an achievement for total career earning? And maybe other manager history related achievements such as managed a total of 100/500/1000 games, manage a team relegate, get fired by board by 1/5 times, etc?
  11. I understand the thinking behind this, but I feel this maybe not realistic in real world. For example I sent my scout to watch a few games of a player, how could he know what is his 100m or 40m result from just sitting on the stand? It may only possible for players in your team. As I posted somewhere else, I feel the problem is the scout/coach report is always too accurate. I feel it would be more realistic if scout A think his shooting is 17 and scout B think 14. Physical stats might be more easier to judging accurately (though for first impression watch from stand, work rate/determination/fitness/etc will all have impact on athletic result), technical stats maybe accessible for scout a longer period, and mental stats maybe very hard to scout accurately and even for players already play a season for you, you may still not able to judge some of these. (i.e. how could you tell a player's big match performance if he never play any big match?)
  12. In the current system I am not sure the different of physio stats between 20 and 10, is it means more accurate injury period diagnosis or less recovery time? What is the benefit of having more than one physio? Anyway, my suggestion is replace physio stats with different stats, i.e. muscle/fracture/ligament, or maybe having specialist(s) just like player have ppm(s). And beside have a better chance to shorten the recovery period, should a good physio have some chance to reduce the prone to injury stats? Similarly, may we could replace scout's judging ability into judging physical/technical/mental abilities.
  13. One thing always frustrated me is when I sign a new player, let's say I have wage budget 1000/w, I could only offer a maximum 200/w to him even if with key player status. I don't know how this number is calculated but I think as a manager I should have more freedom to control my wage structure. As long as with the budget why can't I use it on one player I really like? Similar, when I manager a semi-professional team, if at the start the team have one or two player with full time contract, I could renew them with full time. However I can never sign a new player with full time contract. I feel if the coming player have higher reputation/ability compare to rest of the team and I offer a key player status, I should be able to sign him on full time. I am guessing in real world, the money is much more important then contract type/status/reputation, especially for veteran, so money should be the most critical element for small team to reach good players. I would also love to see more clauses in the transfer panel, such as: with players: * Guarantee minimum start up in a season for a new signing/loan out player * Release clauses if the team fail to achieve certain result (within certain period) * Guarantee sign high profile players/spend xx amount in the next x transfer windows * Play on certain position(s) * Release clauses if board change management, important if your son is in the team! with teams: * Not sale the player(s) to rival clubs/leagues * Buy back clause * Pay x% of wages * Exchange a loan player
  14. The newgen's faces need improve, so frustrated to see 16 year old guy with bald hairstyle or a 30 years old newgen's face still looks like 16.
  15. And maybe some improvement on mailbox/customer view/notes management as well. For example auto mark some mail as read, create folders, archive, sub-list and rearrange order for customer views, send stats/analysis/attribute to notes and we could compare them in the future.