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  1. Feel like someone else rise the same issue a month or so before. Apart of the issues reported above, one myth for me is it is common to see a right winger with right foot only make cross by his left foot. I remember in FM16 the developer said they are aware the issue and they are working on it, but seems got no improvement. Also beside in one on one situation the striker never try past goalie and always shoot on goalie's face, I would love to see the striker aim to shoot through the goalie's legs, feel never see this either
  2. If I play a away game and the pitch size is wide than my home, and I want my team to cover the same ratio of pitch as at home, should I increase the width of my formation, or my team will automatically for the pitch size (so automatic increase the gap between each position as well)?
  3. And I understand the OP is saying. The current system seems increase the reputation based on your previous reputation, like each trophy will increase a certain percentage. What make better sense is like no matter how low is your previous reputation, if you win a high profile competition (PL, ECL), your new reputation will at least be national (a floor level). Just imagine a rich guy buy a PL club and manage himself (no qualifications and Sunday League rep) and miraculously win the PL trophy, he will sure a very famous and reputable.
  4. I like to play LLM as well. IRL it is unrealistic to get a Vanarama offer for no qualifications and Sunday League rep. The game make this part unrealistic. If we go through other manager in Vanarama league, they all at least have a National A license if I remember correctly. I was search for what National C licenses is but did not have a exact answer, as the license is not universal in all countries. If is stand for the lowest possible licenses, if should be a very basic 5v5 football licenses, surely it is very hard for you to apply for a 11v11 football team, especially when we have Sunday League rep. I feel no qualifications and Sunday League rep even hard to apply for a primary school football coach IRL.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong: - with same ambition and professionalism, higher determination will increase CA more quicker, and maybe by a very significant margin? - with low training facilities in lower league, you are unlikely to see any improvement for your star players, but maybe some improvement for below average players (like a CA threshold depending on your training facility)? Do you know for facilities 1 what will be the CA celling?
  6. No I am not talking about that. In few year ago there is a FM version that you can add CA, PA and AP(the minimum price their club will accept for sale) column in the view, which should be something SI use for development but forget to remove when game release. I think you mean the 5 stars staff opinion, I am saying a column you can have numerical PA from 1 - 200
  7. The game is exactly the same. What henre found aren't exactly the same is because in the 2nd game, I made a substitute in 2nd half so the game after that time point will be different. If I do not made that substitute and do nothing until the game finish, it will be a mirror game
  8. Sure. I am just trying to response the question the Korea friend have " Does 'PA' increase due to activities outside the stadium." I have experience it increase by get injury. Though maybe no longer the case in FM17
  9. Regarding to the question you raise: if the AI a goal down at HT, will he always do the same in 2nd half? From what I observe, if it is a repeat game, then both half will be set so you can expect exactly same result if you do nothing change (or exactly same change). It is like after you click the match start the whole story is been written.
  10. Yes I never saying it is a problem for ME. I feel perfect ok with this. I am not sure if it is 99% different, it could be, but I only search for a specfic game with a goal in 2nd minute so I don't need to wait very long to see the goal and tell if it is repeat game, so there could be repeat games in between my reloads. Say maybe there only 10 different outcomes and it is my bad luck to have 100 draw for the one I want. As I said previously based on my test a long time ago, for some set up I can have a repeat game like every 5 games so from there I can do the tactic testing. If it takes 100 games to find one then I can never do it. Regarding to tactic testing, as I said I do this not for build a perfect tactic but for understand what each tactic instrument will affect the ME, or how they work together, or how different touchline shout will affect the player mood and performance. Some testing will be almost impossible to tell without repeat game, and with repeat games I feel I can see the difference easier, I think you can understand where my point come from. Anyway, right or wrong way to testing, I have get good enough knowledge for myself for understanding tactic change interact with ME by doing this, and I will not do it again.
  11. I am not using a 3rd party tool. It is a bug in FM before that in can insert a column in customer view to display CA and PA. do you want to search the report post I was posted?
  12. I have already proven my point so for sure I won't waste any time on that. I did this a long time ago for testing how each tactic instrument will affect the game. By having two repeat game is will be easier to identify difference. Surely you will see different scoreline and game stats. Because in the youtube video I have made a substitute in the roughly 55min for the 2nd game, so after the substitute the game completely change. That is one of my point.
  13. Man, if you downloaded that two pkm and watch all that 55mins before I made the substitute, or click at any minute you like see what happened, you will see the same thing,, same run same pass, for sure. I know it is the same game not only because both have goal in 2min and 18min, but because the goal pattern are same, I mean same position, same pass, same shot and same result. I did not click on time bar in between the highlight or wait and see if the rest 72min will be same because I did this research a long ago and I know it will be the same. I did not test this time but you can try. I will be hallelujah surprise if it is not.
  14. I am not saying the goal in 2nd min will be the same game, it is because I am just search for that game and I remember the pattern how the goal been made and I see exactly the same thing. I am not entirely sure at that moment so I wait until the 2nd goal in 18mins so I can say it is the repeat game. maybe different with what you thought, it is the 2nd time I have for a goal in 2nd mins.