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  1. Yea I know I can replicate it, always worried about missing something thats all. I'm looking at giving it a trial in the EPL and using existing team players and buying players in to fit the system.
  2. Great read!!! Been looking round trying to find some good threads using 3 defenders and this looks like a formation that can flex to be attacking and defensive when required. I'm aware this thread isn't the tactics sharing centre, but wondered if you were planning on releasing the tactic to the community to have a play about with?
  3. How do you currently set up? What type of defender are you looking for?
  4. This is something I found, swapped to a system with wingers who press and mark tightly, crosses conceeded have went down to about 1 every 3 game, which is a lot better than 2/3 per game that I was experiencing originally
  5. Just a quick update, with my recent change of tactic and mentality after reading a blog https://derfm.wordpress.com/category/tactics/ suggested by summatsupeer (thanks again btw) my high pressing side has nullified the oppositions fullbacks/wingers. Watching the first 15 mins of each game has also helped greatly (thanks Cleon and Herne79) as I can visually see the tactic working as its supposed to. I'm back to enjoying the game now and after my 1st disastrous season finishing 13th with Leeds 15/16 season I currently sit top of the league after 16 games, smashing teams left, right and center.
  6. Have you reviewed any of your previous games? Are you conceding goals more often that not from a specific position? Have you identified any weaknesses yourself?
  7. Thanks, read through that blog on my lunch, really good read. Definitely echo's the #1 way of playing I would like to recreate
  8. Thanks for all the information and suggestions guys looks like my best type of defence may be attack
  9. Okay I see your point here, I will check to see the stats against crosses when I get home and post them for review, if its within that 20%-30% margin then I will accept it as it is. I looked at the PL table last night and saw that in general terms, the top clubs score two per game and concede one. In the Championship, the most prolific team has scored just 1.6 per game, and the best defence has conceded just 0.5 goals per game. These are low numbers, but they show (in the PL especially) that you will always concede, and you won't necessarily rack up loads of goals. Sometimes we all need to remember that when seeing how our teams fare in FM. Thinking on it after all the reviewing of stats I did last night I don't think I looked at the most obvious ones (for & against) I think I've probably become too obsessed with the type of goal I am conceding rather than the amount, I will post these also when I get home.
  10. They are defined as Fullbacks on Support duty, in the games I have watched they have no problem getting up and down and providing the width for the team, but creation of chances from them arent near they numbers I would expect as for championship level I have probably got the two best fullbacks in the league. I think the 4-2-3-1 idea has been put forward to address the attacking flaws in my formation maybe?
  11. Plug and Play is not something I want, as I want a self of pride that something I developed albeit with some managerial advice worked rather than taking someones hard work and using it as my own. The 2 central midfielders were jack of all trades so could perform in both roles defensive and attacking. I will upload some squad screenshots and play screenshots later on when i'm home This is something I felt I did over the some, addresses couple issues, height and pace at the back, signed Joe Gomes & Papy Djilobodji (Marking and Positioning were still good level for championship). I love to play a fast paced pressing game similar to that of Klopp's Dortmund or Simeone's Athletico, but everytime I try I seem to give up too much defensive structure, need to do some more research. I hate the idea of playing 3 at the back as I feel like I am going against every attacking bone in my body, it was just something that worked in a time when I was shipping goals. If I could move away from it but keep same defensive strength I would happily.
  12. Will the close down more TI not pull the back 4 unit out of shape when defending?
  13. Middle midfielder of the 3 is a Ball Winning Midfielder I have seen this stat a few times, its not something I wouldn't expect especially in the Championship (less technically proficient teams in comparison to the Premier League, less intricate Tiki Taka passing more wide and direct football) but its the exact same cross that I cant seem to deal with as a team. You encountered anything like this? Yes I have tried bringing everyone back but that lead to the ball being recycled and sent wide to be crossed in then goal, currently I have my 3 tallest & best jumping/heading players on mark tall player, full backs on the posts and 3 players spread across the goal marking zonally and a player on the edge of the box, still no difference. Issue on attacking set pieces has lead me to think about changes to that also to just play short and keep hold of the ball and I never win a head from a corner anyway. Yes, even though I have work into the box as a TI I do see a lot of wayward pot shots at goal from the edge of the box, and full backs who get up to support will never put the ball across the box even when its calling out for it. I presume this is due to the TI though, but didn't want to take it off in case it introduced even more long shots. Any suggestions? possible formation tweaks? TI/PI adjustments? Thanks
  14. I've actually tried that it my most recent save (Leeds save, I have just created a new thread about it) and it does work a lot better defensively and as you say haven't noticed any negative effect on my attacking from the roles.
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