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  1. I think the difficulty is fine. I got promoted with a few games to spare from the Championship with QPR. Now about 15 games into the second season, in the Premiership, and 3pts off first. Mind you I have Vardy, Cabaye, Wilshere etc :-)
  2. Caved and bought this last night (if you can't spend some time playing the latest version over Christmas, what is the point of Christmas?). I've been smacked in the face by the change in UI but I haven't seen anyone complaining about that so I guess I'll get used to it and it'll prove to be for the best. But the player interaction... only had one interaction in the brief pre-season I've started and it went completely wrong. Is this a big enough issue for me to shelve playing a proper save until it's fixed? (hopefully in the next update). I've got a great '14 save going but wanted to move across to the latest game. I don't want to just yet if it's going to be an exercise in frustration. I know it'll turn out great but you usually have to wait a while. Cheers!
  3. Had the same recently. One of my players wanted to leave to win trophies. Promised him we'd win the league that season (I was 11pts clear with a handful of games to go!). We won, he said he wanted to leave. It's obviously broken. A few weeks later he asked to stay. Now I want to sell him
  4. I go through it every year. Especially at the start of season 2 when lots of good players become available on free transfers I tend to buy older 'star' players simply because I can't give up on the chance to include them in my team. If you have a younger player whom you want but don't want to play for a while, why not loan him out and keep tabs on him with your scouts?
  5. Hi, I like to create one base tactic and then move a couple of players around and change mentalities - e.g. I have two forwards in by base tactic but in the defensive version I have one of them drop into the AMC position. I save this tactic under a different name. I like to be able to switch between them in a match. Unfortunately it repositions the players as I switch between the tactics (you can see this happening in the tactics screen). My Forward might become an MC. This is incredibly annoying and I'm pretty sure I've seen it before but can't remember if a) it was fixed or b) I found a workaround. It could well be c) my own fault At present this is stopping me from being able to train multiple tactics. I don't want to have to drag players around every time I switch a tactic. Any ideas?
  6. Apologies if already mentioned - but on my 2012 Mac Mini (2.5Ghz i5, 8GB, SSD, everything else standard) I cannot watch the ME full-screen. I have to play windowed and even then make it about 1/3rd the size of my 1920x1200 monitor resolution else it's corrupted. At the suggested graphical level it runs like a slideshow. FM13 wasn't very good either but I lowered that to make it acceptable. Hoping that gets resolved because, visually and play wise, it looks like an improvement. Fingers crossed for compatibility and optimisation. Good luck!
  7. I'm getting three windows pop up. Two are saying FM isn't supported on my Mac (the one I've been playing it on, latest Mac Mini) and a steam popup behind all that saying the game is unavailable. Are all three related? Tried verifying, all seems fine. Tried offline, restarted, blah. No joy.
  8. Seriously? I suspect the 32-bit version runs perfectly fine for the overwhelming majority of people out there and no doubt will for a long time to come. I cannot remember how many leagues I've loaded in my last game but I'd imagine around ~40. It wasn't so long ago I was loading less than ten to maintain game speed! Yes, I have a high-spec machine and 64-bit OS but and I'd love to see a 64-bit version of FM but do we need one right now? Personally, I think other improvements are higher up the priority list.
  9. I wish you had the ability to be a little more harsh in press conferences. I let rip at my players in my mind but in the actual press conferences it feels as though I can just select 'slap on the wrist'
  10. Kinnear should practise some interviews in his head - then he might not litter the real ones with gaffes!
  11. Haha )) If only they'd put a bit more effort into making important matches feel special. Its one of the things thats bugged me for ages in FM.
  12. I shout at my players for sure. Oh, and yes... I often find myself explaining to the press why I signed Player X
  13. Ooh Birds of Prey was good. Knights of the Sky was better though
  14. I cannot believe you've been playing it regularly recently! Crazy man Have to say I used to hate Champ Man, tried it once and could never get into the game. Used to be one of those Premier Manager players History http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Championship_Manager_series http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_Manager
  15. I'm not going to read 29 pages to see if anyone has mentioned it so... Difference in pitch/stadiums. Okay, the grass texture(s) change a bit but not much. However I'd quite like to see some indication that when I'm playing a Euro Cup final it appears different to playing Watford in the Championship. Maybe lighting (flood lights) or edge of the stadiums, something, anything. Great matches (Final) do not feel any different. Introducing the players (walking out onto field) would be better than nothing. Oh - and fix the flaming bugs that have been in the last three versions
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