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  1. Cerber v4 has been brilliant for me over a number of seasons but this season things have just fell off a cliff... Still very good at home but away we can't scrape a result at all... Any ideas?
  2. Maybe you're the useless one? People can't help without any information as to what you're doing?
  3. 20.4.0 Update Changes including (but not limited to):------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stability fixes- Further database updates covering February transfer window- Fix for 'Disable First Transfer Window Activity'- Tweaks to lighting for matches and Newgen faces- Competition tweaks and updates across a number of leagues- Fix for right-clicking on training sessions- Various other UI improvements across the game
  4. Got Juan Mata in on a free 3rd season aged 33 for Fulham and he is playing more than decent, 8 goals and 4 assists from AMC by January.
  5. Ok cheers for that, saves me going out and buying another thinking this guy is a dud!
  6. Team as a whole plays well in the Cerber I gotta admit but the CAM I can't get any consistency out of.
  7. Hello all. Is there any training schedules recommended to be used with these tactics? Or just leave them?
  8. Ok thanks, my strikers are more suited to the complete forward role is all.
  9. Are we able to change roles to suit players or would that ruin the way it works?
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