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  1. Guess nobody has seen this issue before. It is a shame cause it is kind of game breaking for me.
  2. Hello all, I play the game via gamepass for PC and as you can see below I don't get the option to reply to any press conference or infact any screen where you would expect. Is this a known bug? I apologise if I missed it but I just thought I would bring this up.
  3. Ok thanks, my strikers are more suited to the complete forward role is all.
  4. Are we able to change roles to suit players or would that ruin the way it works?
  5. Yes, it is 100% fluid. Will give contain a go from the off. I may give this a go in games where I am not the favourite but I am also losing/drawing games where we should be beating them. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Love the tactics but CAN'T for the life of me win away from home.. 1 win in the last 11 away games. Any ideas?
  7. So what is the best match tactics for this? Or do we change per game? Expected to win go att movement, lose/draw then go def positioning?
  8. Do you recommend the drill crossing? I do overload when I go behind but what are the two shouts? Cheers.
  9. League 1 and Championship won back to back with only free players signed. Awesome.
  10. Right 4 games played 4 won. Not fluid at all as it is a new team I have joined. I am in league one and morale was low when I joined. 13 goals scored and 2 conceded. Not many chances created and possession stats not the best, but it does the business in front of goal, seems very clinical. Give it a whirl guys
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