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  1. Hey Knap, Thanks for great tactics i'm using 19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS and it took me from Vanarama North to Vanarama National in one season with only 1 loss but now i'm getting kinda destroyed in recent matches -anything you could recommend to change? I know that is not enough info but maybe something will come to your mind?
  2. Does anyone had the issue that FPS is tanking in the menu - mostly to 40ish fps but sometimes even to ~25 fps? I'm worried because I didn't had a chance to test match before I went on a holiday trip. I wonder if the match engine will be ok. My PC is capable - GTX 1060 and 8700k CPU newest Nvidia Drivers
  3. Like i said - they are about 13-14 Judging Potential - what kind of stars you are talking about?
  4. So how reliable are scouting / assistent information about player potential, I'm not being attached to Ability scores too much - i prefer much more to evaluate player by myself by his attributes but potential is one that bothers me. Should I really consider not buying/not playing some awesome young lad (good attributes for his age) only because his potential is low-rated? I'm saying about club where I have 13-14 Judging Potential staff.
  5. Kinda same feeling from me, just not enough games to confirm it. Also I'm struggling with this complete forward position, my players are getting some ridiculously low star ratings there like half star...
  6. I'm really struggling after patch, giving away too way to many goals with my AFC Telford in Sky Bet 2 but IMO that prove that this tactic is just really not good tactic but not broken one that is abusing ME... I'm ATM 14th place - media prediction is 24th. Should I really expect more from that tactic?
  7. What is the deal with lots of top notch tactics encouraging you to use strikers as corners executioners? I guess it's some kind of ME exploit? Is it working still on new version?
  8. Where did you took info about that calculation 8 times per second? And is it 8 times per second match-time or real time?
  9. So .. if that kins of things happened in past why now should be different?
  10. Well I hope my language skills are good enough to explain What proof we have that matches we watching (full time to make things simpler) are really are generated real-time? Is this even a case or they are just graphical visualization of pre-calculated score? Do we have any statement about that from SI Games? I can't resist feeling that some games have some kind of "scenario". I know that it's probably stupid but i would like to ask you guys about your opinion
  11. Seriously man, winning with top team don't prove anything... make this with some mediocre team and it can be proof.
  12. This tactic was never consistent for me last patch either. After superb start as i mentioned few post earlier i went to loosing-drawing streak that almost costed me season. I dropped tactic in mid-season and managed to be win promotion. ALways the same... 2-3 goal lead then AI comeback or even win - also low league players are so bad in CF position...
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