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  1. how long do you have to wait to fix this, you are behaving very unprofessionally, disaster
  2. The know bug but the stupid people from SI dont fix this. I dont buy anymore Football Manager games
  3. Well how long will we wait for you to fix the transfer bug, it's a shame such a mistake you don't fix it for so long
  4. Thanks! After beta update the game processing and works fine .
  5. I have not save game before the update. I have been playing the manager since 2005 and this is the first time it has appeared crash dump to me .. 100% is the problem in the last update
  6. the game crashes on same date 23.04.2022 FM 2020 v20.4.2.1438909 (2020.09.21 00.05.40).dmp save game added to ownCloud is Napoli.fm
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