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  1. I was wondering out of interest why you can't keep updating fm13 with some ME updates for FM14 that way you can get more people testing it for fm14 so you have a at least over half finished game for release ( and I don't mean the whole update for ME on fm14 just some things u need to check out
  2. The ME is playable now still some issues but overall not game braking and you will have enjoyment out of it
  3. Yawn I made a comment to correct you which I did end of matter it's a thread about the ME, just give up you were wrong end of discussion
  4. I'm talking about team instructions contradicting player instructions it doesn't happen because its set for one player not a team simple.
  5. How has it been taken out of context clearly I was indicating a flaw in your thinking :-) now you can thank me because now you have a better idea of how tactics works simple
  6. Haha don't make me laugh, player instructions is completely different to team tactics now your making yourself sound stupid
  7. Why? you know you made a stupid post, come on tell me how it's contradictory please I'm waiting?
  8. What a stupid post how can it be contradictory if he's using player instructions, if what your saying is true player instructions are rendered useless then unreal
  9. i understand that madsheep i haven't got the time to read thru it all but thanks, i just want to come onto this thread when i can and see peoples opinions of there game breakers and decide for myself. and thanks neil but i dont really want to download the demo as i'm not on my laptop and won't be on it until i probs buy the game so really just want peoples opinions thanks
  10. id rather people told me of there game breaker bugs to them, rather than me having to find out myself thru the demo which i can,t be bothered to download or even play as its not the full game, i only want peoples opinion's no matter how much they differ, i will take them all on board and then decide weather any of them will be a game breaker for me
  11. jibby i think you have read into things far to much there is no hidden agenda can't i post a thread without people coming on and trying to get it closed down because they don't like it, i don't need to download the demo i just want people's opinions on why it could be a game breaker for them then i can decide weather i want to buy the game or not thanks
  12. i don't want to play the demo sorry i just want peoples opinion's, as i've said it might not be a game breaker for some people but could be for me, its all about opinions i don't know if you've read this whole thread but you would have realized that, can i stress i just want opinion's not what i should do thanks
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