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  1. Hi, maybe it is a translation issue but when i introduce myself to the team, i get asked what my expectations for the season are. And with the DFB-Pokal i get asked if i wanna reach the last fase of the knock out fase. The DFB-Pokal has not have a league so the knock out-fase question is a mystery to me. Also, what is the last faste? When does that start? That part isnt defined. I play the game in dutch so the printscreen is also in dutch.
  2. i just checked it. I didn't hide any players or attributes. So no, no ticks in the filter.
  3. :-) oke, then you're right. Better report it twice then none at all i think. Good Job!
  4. Hi, i am in the tactics screen and i want to compair my players for the team for the next match. If i click on the dropdown menu in the player plcture, it doesnt show the players on loan.
  5. TBH, i think my report is a different issue. You don't see any attributes, i don't see the dropdown menu for the pre selected suggested attributes that goes with the roll. It is also missing for transfers/players.
  6. Hi, FM20 had a dropdown menu in the search staff section in the attributes screen. In FM2 1 it seems missing. I'll put a screenprint in this message. I think it has to be in Fm21 too.
  7. I think you can be proud of this idea Miles. Great Job guys!
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