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  1. I made the update of the Intel graphics card drivers too but the problem persists. any ideas?
  2. The configuration of nvidia is to decide the 3d application ... (screen) Something to change?
  3. The update has several days of installed, the crash began yesterday. I attached the photo, so it is configured in the game. I have not changed anything since the update. How can I solve it?
  4. I simulated 1 year and there was no crash, they only crash if they play in 3d mode. please help
  5. crash Can occur in any part of the development except in 3d . I start playing again and I can play, but a day or a week or a month, crash again.
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the game. Crash at different times during the process and when I want to continue, it came from nowhere. SEND FTP "arreglado.230" is the game and crash FM 2017 v17.2.1.919512 (2017.02.05 13.43.42) the server. I only use the editor of the game and I have downloaded extra leagues. Never have problem befor whit this fm17. I await your response, thank you.
  7. hi, my game when I simulate crash 2 games with skin fmteam , note I have 2 users , when they play the same day and pretend 2 crash games. always simulate smoothly but now the game is cut . and perform the recommended steps , cache , preferences . please help , you are my last hope.
  8. I wonder how I can put a stadium with the internal editor ...
  10. New game started and no crash . Recommend that before i forget the game ???
  11. Now I try, are more than 300 teams of Brazil , several are assigned the same stadium . Modify some who had the attraction of minima public was greater than the average. But still it is cut at the beginning of each month. Try previous games but again cut when passing each month. Ie it is cut like in 2030 or in 2028 , it's all for the 15.3 upgrade . It is enough to start a new game ? Or is there another solution?
  12. the team may be the Tombense the c series of brazil ? As with the internal editor would correct ?
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