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  1. Did you implement any changes that have been suggested yet?
  2. You could still keep the three central roles if you wanted, but my point was that Oscar should the the RCAM, Mata the CAM and Willian the LCAM. Personally, I have never got a three CAM system to work, preferring to use a wider system, but that is just a preference thing. Certainly, to make a three CAM system work, you have got to get a lot of movement from your players between the lines, with players dropping off while others make runs etc. All attacking roles in such a narrow system is going to lead to your players tripping over each other before just shooting from all angles.
  3. Just an observation based on your first formation, you have absolutely no support roles in your entire team! This will mean that every one of your forwards will want to be the goalscorers themselves, will rush and shoot from all over the place! I would immediately start by changing 2 of your attacking roles to support roles. Mata is perfectly suited at an AP/S role, so that's where I would start with him. I would put him behind the forward, with a drop deeper PI so that he can link up with your midfield. Willian I think could be an IF with the stay wider role, hopefully he should start out
  4. I have fined a player once in my FM career, and that was it. It was more a rage thing as well, my player getting a yellow card in the first half of a champions league final. Then me telling him to calm down at half time, and setting PI to tackle less etc and then he has a wild two footed lunge in the 46th minute which costs the team the game. Other than that I warn them. I have no problem exerting my authority regarding contracts etc, but most players react best to a warning in my opinion.
  5. If you want to keep a supporting role in the AMC position, then I would consider using an AF/A with the PI, move into channels. Coupled with an IF/A on the left hand side, that will mean that the AF will drag the defense around a bit, and allow the IF to charge into the space he created. I would also consider changing your W/A to a W/S duty, so that he can get plenty of balls in for the AF. With both an W and an IF on attack, you will have a lot of players making runs without too many supporting. Or you could choose an IF/S and a W/A. Either way, make sure you split your duties between those t
  6. Ignore the stars. They are a cosmetic feature as to how highly your scouts rate your players in relation to other players in your team. If you have a 3.5 star player, with 4.5 star potential, and he increases "half a star" over a season, then you would expect them to go up to 4 stars. However, if you purchase a key player, you might find your entire teams star ratings drop by a half, to show their ability in comparison with the new guy. So your "4 star" player goes back to 3.5 stars and it seems his potential has dropped. By all means, use stars to help you when considering buying players, b
  7. I am a bit confused as to the system that is actually being used Happee, please please please raise this in the tactics forum like umpteen people have been suggesting and post a screenshot or typed out formation, player roles and instructions. Perhaps show some screenshots of match reports that you have struggled in, and see the help flood in. Just reading through this, it is not clear at all how you line up.
  8. Maloney, also make sure you are training the players in the tactic right form the start of the game to make them as familiar with it as possible. Make sure on your tactics you are training them on tactics in the match training section, general training does nothing to improve tactical familiarity.
  9. Maloney6776, try this: ----------------------------GK------------------------------ FB/S---------CD/D--------------CD/D---------------CWB/A --------------DLP/S--------------CM/D-------------------- W/A ------------------------------------------------IF/S ---------------F9/S-------------AF/A------------------- If you are in season one, I would suggest using the following players: Mignolet Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique Gerrard Lucas Sterling/Moses/new signing Coutinho Suarez Sturridge Attacking, Fluid, Pass Into Space, Ha
  10. The graphical display would need a sever overhaul if this is going to be an option. There are already issues with how the graphics engine visualises what is actually going on, and the problems in this would become an even more obvious problem.
  11. I don't seem to have a problem with this. I have got a very good squad now, in my 5th season with Liverpool and every transfer window I have to constantly rebuff bids from Bayern/PSG/Real etc for my best players, and they are normally pretty good offers. In my save, Newcastle have been taken over by a tycoon, and I have just rejected a £72m bid for Timo Werner, the highest bid I have ever seen in game. I really don't need the money, and because he is an excellent player and counts as home grown at the club, I have turned them down, but I have consistently had £40m+ bids for my best players.
  12. Just starting season 5 and Newcastle (who have been bought by a tycoon) have just offered me a whopping £72m for Timo Werner. I don't need the money though, and he is classed as home-grown at the club as I cought him at the start of the save, so I think I will keep him. I can't really find a decent replacement for him, but I think that is the biggest offer I have ever received!
  13. I would definitely change one IF for a W, the space where your AMC is is getting very congested. With one of your IF's being a winger, I would then change the FB behind him to a FB/S which will offer a bit more defensive solidarity. I would make sure that your CM/D is on the same side of midefield as your CWB so that he can cover. I definitely would not change your DLP to a BWM, that will leave more space in front of your defence to exploit.
  14. As a goalkeeping coach for example, what exactly would the game consist of? Setting the training regimes for a maximum of 5 players, watching games to advise on changing a goalkeeper to a sweeper keeper etc, but what else? There would be have to be a heap of new play points that focus on microtasks for each staff role such as setting a goalkeepers diet or something to even create enough content to satisfy a game player. But I really can't see there being enough to the other jobs.
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