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  1. That's as low as the Mid Sussex League goes after its reorganization. If Wikipedia is to be believed, L20 is the lowest that any league has its top division.
  2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory probably has a computer that will run it. Not sure how portable it is though.
  3. The most up to date version is always available at the beginning of this thread (maybe post #2). I think the most recent version goes down to L15.
  4. Hi @Dan BHTFC, did you ever decide how low you were going to go? Down to where Mid-Sussex ends (L17?) or all the way to L22?
  5. To start yet another new save or keep my level 13 save going...
  6. It's probably the clubs financial situation combined with the chairman's personality - i.e. how willing the chairman is to let you spend money. I started amateur in L13, won promotion and immediately became semi-pro. I had no problems signing players to part-time contracts for all squad statuses (backup/rotation/key/etc.) right away. We had about £1.5k in the bank when we became semi-pro, so not much. I am guessing my chairman is more lenient in this save, but I've also played where I could only do non-contracts. It eventually gets better as finances improve.
  7. Download the last item in the second post of this thread for the latest version. Then, just drop it in your "\Users\[username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data" folder. This is assuming you are on Windows. Then, the database should be available for selection in a drop down when you start a new game.
  8. Same here. Board wouldn't approve a badge for me, but my AssMan gets one. To make matters worse, a month after he completes his, he leaves to sign with another club. Very difficult to stay out of the red the first year. However, if FM19 works like its predecessors, your attendance should improve quite a bit in the second season and it shouldn't be a problem. Unless you jump to semi-pro...
  9. Looks fine in the first season of my save (in November). Are you using the latest L13 database?
  10. Which division? Maybe we can look at it in the editor and figure it out.
  11. Instead of actively scouting at the amateur levels, I just take people on trial. But only those which come to me to offer their services, and only the younger players (I only accept 23 and unders). The first season, there is a lot of relatively decent players. After that, the talent acquired this way is pretty thin which is fine by me. This allows me to acquire players to fill out my preferred tactics in the first season, then I can rely on mostly youth from there on out. Until I reach full time as you suggested.
  12. There are two unique IDs for FA Vase in the database. If I understand it correctly, the one under "Nation Rules - England" is ID# 100000085, which I assume would be the one the game would actually use. I don't know if the other FA Vase (ID# 89022624) is messing anything up other than cosmetically. Would it be safe to just delete it? It does have History filled out though which 100000085 does not.
  13. No. He's working on L13 now and lower levels after that. It will be quite some time before it's all wrapped up. But, if you want to start with a L12 club or higher, the database is perfectly playable as it is (except for league table sorting rules at L12, which are easy enough to correct yourself until Dan fixes it).
  14. I just noticed this too. It looks like it is sorting by points, then alphabetically by club name. The league sorting rules are not set in the editor for Level 12. They are for the levels above. @Dan BHTFC, it looks like a another quick fix is needed.
  15. @Dan BHTFC, I found a minor correction: Rye Town should have "The Salts" as their stadium. Currently it is listed as New Road. I fixed it in my copy, but thought you might want to know.
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