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  1. That's pretty wild. Good comments from the rl club, I hope?
  2. The 19.2 update just came out. Is it related to that?
  3. The game wasn't designed to model pub-club amateur player behavior realistically. But you can use this to your advantage as well. You can poach players from other clubs too. Also, if a player is a complainer, release him with no consequences before it affects the whole squad. After the first 2-3 seasons, you can build up a squad with decent personalities that will stick with you through thick and thin.
  4. K&H is still there, just in MSFL Division 5 - South. I think that's about level 17(?). But they will end up in the lowest division of the database once I get my hands on it. Hopefully, the geography makes sense!
  5. jwchriste

    dafuge's FM19 challenge

    While waiting for the L22 English database, I'll give this a whirl.
  6. I'll let you count, but 17/18 was L21 (where K&H started, holiday simmed until they got relegated and I took over). Starting 18/19, I was in L22 and got straight promotions until I hit League1 which I had to repeat once (37/38 & 38/39). Then, straight promotions from League1 to Premier. The last three years were in the Premier.
  7. Here's my avg. attendances per year (league+cup matches): The last season, I was selling out every league match (15k), but the other competitions were dragging the avg down. 40/41 we were playing in a larger stadium while our new stadium was being built. I did a holiday sim experiment with K&H where I used the editor to keep giving them a sugar-daddy (so they remained successful) and just simming season after season to see how their attendances would grow. I forget how many seasons (maybe 40+?), but they were eventually drawing over 60k, so I think it's possible, just may take longer than some other clubs/towns.
  8. Yes, it's not as difficult as it sounds. It's really easy to dominate until you get into the main levels included with the game. It's more of a test of willpower to stick with it. I also had a fortuitous sugar-daddy take-over at L14 where we went straight from amateur to fully professional with money to make improvements and generous wage/transfer budgets. It was a bit of a weird save. Straight promotions except I had to repeat League1 once because I lost in the playoffs.
  9. You have to run all the English leagues at once if you want to start at the bottom. I know @lionel messi and I both made it to premiership on FM18, but we didn't win it. I finally gave up when FM19 was officially released.
  10. Please keep up with the thread. Please don't make the rest of us repeat what has already been stated. @Dan BHTFC said he MAY have something out this weekend.
  11. At the other end of the spectrum, I have a powerful desktop. For the full L22 database, I make all UK+Irish leagues playable. These will be the only places you will be allowed to scout until you get to the upper levels anyway. I also enable every other country/league, but make them view only. I use a large database with no additional options enabled. As I climb the levels, I'll disable the lower leagues and when I get to League1/2, I start making the top division in the major football nations playable. Once you disable all but the top 6 divisions, the game sims fairly quickly.
  12. Is there a good site that shows the majority of the English football pyramid? I know there's that wikipedia page, but it's not been kept up to date has it?
  13. jwchriste

    Incorrect sponsorship deal amounts

    I do have a file that was saved the (game) day before the sponsorship deal was announced. The file is saved on 30 September and the announcement came on 1 October for me. This was in the first season and we had no sponsorship deals before that. Saved game file uploaded: jwchriste_Stockport_before_sponsorship_email.fm
  14. I received an item in my inbox informing me of a new main kit sponsorship deal for £20K per year over 2 years, but this does not match the numbers listed in my finances tab under "Sponsors and Other" which shows £40K per season, 2years, £80K total. Email: Finances: I'm not sure which one is correct. Edit: According to my income, the finances page is correct and the email lists the values incorrectly.
  15. jwchriste

    stuttering match engine

    Hi Ben, Here is my DxDiag.txt I have Nvidia 1080ti's and the only fix that works for me is setting Vsync to "fast" in the Nvidia control panel. That was the same fix I had to use on FM18 as well. Without that my FPS would bounce around between 58-65. After changing Vsync, my FPS was almost entirely pegged at 144 (max refresh of monitor). Disabling GSYNC changed nothing for me so I left that enabled. Also, maybe it's just semantics, but the OP mentions "stuttering" and you mention "lag." Aren't those two separate issues? I'm seeing (micro-) stuttering, like it's dropping every other frame. I've not noticed that there has been any lag (delay) in the display or input.