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  1. How many CPU cores can be used?

    That's ok, I'm leaving on a two-week business trip tomorrow so I installed FM18 on my work laptop - a four-year old AMD Kaveri laptop. Should be fun. Or frustrating...
  2. How many CPU cores can be used?

    That's my build at the top of the list and I agree about the RAM. I achieved similar results on the FM18 benchmark test and topped a gentlemen who had an 8700k clocked 200MHz faster, but his RAM was only 3200MHz while mine has been improved to 4000MHz.
  3. But, but, but... Just look at that K&H logo: It's just so brilliant. How can I even think about managing another club?
  4. I know, right!? This may be the first year I don't start at the very bottom because that K&H logo is just so awesome that it needs to make it into the EPL table! Plus, I still have the 2D+3D kits I downloaded last year to complete the whole K&H experience.
  5. Amateur club questions

    Signing players to amateur contracts has no negative affect with respect to finances. If I remember correctly, when I managed amateur clubs my manager's finance rating remained at a consistent 50% because I had no control over it. But that may also be why your interview question was stated that way - they just see a 50% rating and think that it is not so great. Although, finances may be affected by requesting better facilities, scouting range, etc. and those are probably all going to be negative if your club isn't making enough money.
  6. I noticed a duplicate player (Byron Lawrence) listed on the squad depth screen: As far as I can tell, it's just cosmetic. Searching the database only returns one player and he doesn't show up as a duplicate on tactics or squad screens. I've uploaded a save game to the ftp if you want to have a look. This is after the 18.2 update. Not sure if it existed before that. Save game filename: jwchriste_duplicate_player_squad_depth.fm The forum search function was returning an error, so apologies if this has already been reported elsewhere.
  7. This is what I wanted to see. This setup almost matched my times (7700k @ 5GHz). We have similar hardware so I'm guessing if you were to OC the RAM you would be able to top the leaderboard. Other than the CPU, our hardware is pretty similar. My RAM is OC'd to its rated speed of 4000MHz. I tried the benchmarks with both my M.2 drive and my SATA SSD and saw no difference (+/- 2sec), so I have to think it's the RAM speed that's making the difference.
  8. Can't create new manager profile

    I was trying this last night (before the update). Now, it appears to be working (after the update) without deleting cache & preferences. Thanks for rushing that update so quickly just for me!
  9. I already have one manager profile created which I have used for several saves. I want to create a second profile for a new game. I set up a new game - choose countries, start date, etc. and continue to the section to choose my manager profile. My previous manager profile shows up and I can choose to "Use Profile" for him, but I choose "New Profile." I fill out the required info, but the "Next - Appearance >" button is greyed out. I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I'm missing something - either on this screen or in some previous setup options. I've tried filling in the rest of the non-required info, but no joy. Can't figure it out.
  10. Offering part-time contracts

    I'm not sure that's needed. I think the contract types in the editor may just set the contract options at the beginning of the game. I played a lower league database last year and all contracts for my club were set to "Amateur" in the editor. After getting promoted a few times, the club turned semi-pro. Initially, the board let me offer part-time contracts to staff, but only non-contracts to players, even Key Players. After a couple more seasons with improving finances, I could start offering part-time contracts. I think it's just related to your club's financial health and board personality.
  11. Is that 221 years without the manager going on holiday? What criteria do you have to meet to qualify for that? Not that I'm going attempt it.
  12. I don't think that alternative solution works. On the screen where you select which leagues are playable, the drop-down for England was grayed out and blank. It let you continue, but seems to stick you with the default league options of Premier - League 2.
  13. So I just opened one of Dan's FM17 files, changed to Advanced Rules and verified all levels and it changed the reps of the reserve teams to 40% of the parent clubs' values! This is new. I had one of his databases that I had to convert to advanced rules to remove Brexit. It was successfully verified and the reserve teams' rep did not change back then (a few months ago). Weird.
  14. Ha! Actually, I only have a 2560x1440 monitor. Someday...
  15. Is the "second team reputation" exactly 40% of the first team's rep? I downloaded a L10 database for FM18 just to check it out and they created many reserve teams to fill out the L10 divisions and it looks like they set all their reps to 50 in the editor. The IGE shows the second team rep to be exactly 40% of the first team's rep in all cases I've checked which is significantly higher than 50.