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  1. I'm assuming this is the beginning of your save? The current season would be 2019/20 which the board wants you to get promoted from Division Eight (to Division Seven) by winning the league. Then, for the next season, 2020/21, they want you to get promoted again from Division Seven to Six. And the following season from Six to Five. It looks correct to me.
  2. I change kits all the time in the database without issues. I haven't played around with changing the professional/semi-pro/amateur status, but you may have to also change it for the division and maybe even for the parent level to get it work? Not sure. Just something to check if changing just a single club to amateur doesn't work as intended.
  3. I don't think anyone can estimate when it will be complete (even Dan). But, I believe he said that there are fewer leagues in each level from L17-L20 so they shouldn't take quite as long to complete as the previous levels. You're probably safe to go ahead and start a practice save now.
  4. It's a work in progress. He releases updated versions of it as he completes the levels, but currently it only goes to level 16. Eventually, when complete, it will go down to level 20.
  5. What's the most yellow cards you've received in a match without anyone getting sent to the showers early? I just had a match with nine yellows. I subbed two players with yellows, but still managed seven more without going a man down.
  6. They're a League One club. Whatever is happening shouldn't have anything to do with this database since I don't believe @Dan BHTFC touches the existing FM clubs/leagues.
  7. I was going to have a peek at the database with the editor, but there are a bunch of "Peterborough" clubs. Which one are you playing?
  8. That's some serious voodoo the opposition cast on their goal line. When the defender tried to clear the ball and it ricocheted right back at him and still didn't go in, I spit my drink out on my shirt. Edit: I just watched it a second time (without the drink) and it was just as funny as the first time!
  9. How can they even maintain social distancing protocols!? All the club's budget must go to masks and hand sanitizer.
  10. Clubs at that level already exist in the game. I don't think @Dan BHTFC touches those clubs. SI would be responsible for the color scheme. You should be able to change it with the pre-game editor though. Maybe also the in-game editor, if you've already started a save and you've purchased it.
  11. At the low level leagues that @Dan BHTFC puts in this database, you will have no scouting budget so almost every player will be local or at least from the UK/Ireland region anyway. Once you've been promoted enough to where this is a concern, it will most likely be governed by whichever Brexit scenario your save gets. Different Brexit scenarios have different types of limits - some have strict foreign player limits, some have work permit requirements, etc.
  12. As @Mikado911 said, I didn't notice anything unusual in the finances or even attendances. FYI: Since we've been promoted to a league that requires 5000 capacity, the board is now paying 94k to expand the rented stadium.
  13. I was in a situation similar to you (I may have started in level 13), and I also had a 500 cap stadium. Our finances were running negative at the time we won promotion to Vanarama South. I guess that may be why we started ground sharing with a lower level club that had a bigger stadium. I think if we had a chunk of change in the bank, the board may have decided to expand instead. I have had expansions in other saves. I've just been promoted to the National League and it looks like my board are content to keep paying rent.
  14. It may have been this same issue when I tried creating a team and swapping it with another a few versions of FM ago. Now, I just edit the existing team and morph it into the team I want. I also edit the existing stadium and put the team in an existing town. I try not to add anything additional to the database. I don't have any problems doing it this way. Reading closer, it sounds like that is what you did. Have you tried verifying the file multiple times in a row? Again, on a previous version of FM, I was getting an error, but on the 3rd or 4th time trying, the file finally ver
  15. I thought he was being sarcastic since he only had 35% and still won 6-0.
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