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  1. Not sure what you're doing to get those errors, but you just need to download the file from the second post in this thread and drop it in your "Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data" folder. The game will automatically detect the files in this directory and let you select the ones you want to use when you are creating a new save.
  2. Do I sign him, or tell him to concentrate on the guitar?
  3. He does release it in stages, but I wouldn't necessarily count on a L10 release. But many of the cup competitions weren't added until after all the leagues were added, just FYI.
  4. I wonder if differences in cpu cooling affect this. A lesser cooler may allow you to hit peak boost frequencies, but only for a short time, while a better cooler may allow for sustained peak boost frequencies.
  5. I have the same thing. Look at your medical center. It tells you why they carry the injury risk they do. On mine it says because of match fatigue and tactical intensity. It also says that they've played 3-4 matches in the last two weeks. I'm just rotating players as I can. It's never perfect when you don't have enough quality players but, even with this warning of "High injury risk", we've been relatively lucky so far.
  6. I thought the manager's player knowledge basically gave you a head start on scouting. A high player knowledge (manager) means scouts can fully scout a player in fewer days/matches since more attributes are already known beforehand. That's what I assumed anyway.
  7. I've done this at lower levels. You can also hire a player/coach or player/assman, etc. I've done that too. It was purely to save on wages.
  8. I second windowed mode. I'm typing this while the game is processing in the background.
  9. I finally saw a bicycle kick which scored... against me. I'm playing a lower league English database and am currently in level 12. I'm surprised they can even tie their own boots much less score one of those crazy goals.
  10. If you want a more realistic, more challenging mode - play in a league with other like-minded human managers. You can't game them. They know all the tricks you're going to try. A programmed AI is always going to have weaknesses against human opponents, on and off the pitch. I foresee the AI being bolstered by some machine learning in the future so that the AI gets better as you play until it is eventually able to out-think your every move. Then, I can pretend I'm Matthew Broderick in War Games.
  11. While they do offer a premium service which provides faster download speeds, etc., the downloads are still available for free without that. I don't think they could get away with profiting off players' images or club/league trademarked materials without having specific agreements with those entities. As long as they also offer them for free, they can make money on the other services they provide. Unless, your download options depend on where you are based - the laws may be different between different countries.
  12. I don't know the answer, but just curious - Is there a specific reason you want more FPS than your monitor can display?
  13. A couple days after I signed most of my latest youth intake I checked mine and it was "-". That's it, just a hyphen. I was assuming that the dodgy personalities of my incoming youth muddled my squad personality to the point where the game couldn't determine one. I saw this thread and was going to grab a screen shot, but it now shows "Highly Professional". It's almost a year later, but I'm doing a youth only save so no transfers in and only a couple of transfers out. Strange.
  14. I'd save the money and get the 9600k. If you were to spend extra, I would put it into faster RAM - something that your board will support via XMP since you don't want to manually overclock. FM does like speedy RAM. The hard drive doesn't even matter for game processing (could make load times quicker though), so you could even skimp on that if a regular SSD is cheaper than an M.2 PCIe variety. FM seems to keep most of its data in RAM while playing, so faster RAM > faster hard drive.
  15. Well, I couldn't resist the temptation and kept asking for increases to junior coaching and youth recruitment whenever they would let me. I'm only at level 13, but I now have excellent junior coaching and established youth recruitment. I am having trouble retaining the best youth players (we're still amateur) after they turn 17 as I feared, but I still have enough of the lower quality players to fill any holes. I even had my first international call up! He was a half-Turkish Englishman and was called up for the Turkish U19 national team. All my fault, I could have resisted improving my youth system so quickly, but didn't. Oh well, I'm rolling with it, come what may!
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