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  1. I had several Keymer & Hassocks saves, trying to go from the very bottom to the top. I would always get distracted at some point though. My most successful save went from L22 to L11 I think. My most fun save was with Lewes - took them straight from L8 to National South, then struggled with money and fought relegation for three straight seasons before I went back to start another K&H save.
  2. So now that we're getting ready to start over with new saves on FM18, how did everyone do with their lower league teams on FM17? Anyone make it from L22 to the top?
  3. Both my 3930k and 7700k systems were custom built.
  4. I wouldn't have done it if I had to use a razor blade. There's a couple tools on the market that work with socket 1150/1151 Intel parts which make it almost idiot-proof. It does make a horrific sounding "CRACK!" noise though when the lid pops free. It stopped my heart for moment.
  5. I also de-lidded it and put some quality TIM on it. Well worth it. Under various stress testing it dropped anywhere from 15-27C. I couldn't hit 5GHz due to thermals before that. Just pump even more voltage in yours until you release the magic smoke!
  6. I won the silicon lottery with this one tbh. I've never had this kind of luck with cpus. It still has headroom. I had it stable for a short while at 5.2GHz w/ 4000MHz ram, but the voltages required kind of scared me.
  7. Completely new build: CPU: Intel 7700K CPU Frequency: 5000 MHz (OC) RAM: 32GB DDR4 3733 MHz CL18 OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 2 min 22 sec Test B Time: 4 min 47 sec Money well spent.
  8. What's your starting manager rep? Are you starting at sunday league rep? I was under the impression if you did that, your first job offers would be from the lowest rep teams/leagues enabled in your game.
  9. 5-year old system still hanging in there. Could be better though: CPU: Intel 3930K CPU Frequency: 4200 MHz (OC) RAM: 32GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL10 OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: HDD Test A Time: 4 min 00 sec Test B Time: 7 min 36 sec
  10. I found this in the bugs forum: I don't know if it is exactly your situation, but check it out. Or start your own bugs thread and have SI look at it. They should be able to tell you why this might be so after looking at an uploaded saved game. Unfortunately, I'll be managing an amateur team for quite a while yet so won't be able to encounter this situation anytime soon.
  11. So you think if I would have continued that first save, I would not have seen a rep increase for a while after the first season? I only played the first season with the rep 2 club before restarting with the artificial 250 rep using the PGE.
  12. I know this database isn't responsible for the awkward club reputation increases, but I encountered something strange. On my first save I started as a L22 club with a rep of 2. Won promotion as the 2nd place team and was promptly awarded +250 rep increase. On a subsequent save, starting with the same team but after using the PGE to start my rep at 250, I've been promoted three times as champion of my league but my club was not rewarded with ANY additional rep increase. I'm currently in L19 with a rep of 289. The only increases in rep I've achieved are just from winning matches. Strange. I'm worried that something is broken and I'll never receive any rep increases from promotion during this current save.
  13. Before the 17.2.0 update I had this problem intermittently but I could click to a different screen and then back to tactics and it would fix it. Since the 17.2 update, it seems like it is a permanent "feature."
  14. I've simulated quite a bit since then so I couldn't find that player specifically but I found three more and they have similar problems with cons for professionalism and loyalty. It's not just limited to determination. I've uploaded the file: jwchriste_scouting_report_pros_not_cons.fm To make it easier (hopefully), I've added the three players to a new shortlist called "Pros_not_Cons". Also, below are the three players and the teams they are on. Matt Parker's issue is with professionalism and his is 10 (using in-game editor to check). Ross Fausset's issue is with loyalty and his is 10. Reece Maan's issue is with professionalism and his is 11.
  15. I found this "con" in the scouting report of some regen/fictional player I was scouting. Seems like this should be a pro, no? His determination was 15.