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  1. It's not the allowed staff members issue as I have 0 of 2 scouts. It's restricted based on hiring philosophies/expectations where i think this problem is. Thanks for the info though.
  2. So here's my situation: - I started unemployed and interviewed with Hyde in VC North. - They wanted me to leave the staff intact but I told them I'd want to bring in my own people. - Contract offer came in and it said "Limited Staff Changes" and I accepted. - I wanted two things, a new assistant coach and a good scout (Hyde has one scout with JPA 3 and JPP 3). - I lined up a new Chief Scout and contract talks went well. - I then did a Mutual Contract Termination on the existing Hyde Chief Scout and he was gone. - Board then canceled my incoming Chief Scout citing that I'd already hit the limit of "Limited Staff Changes". So now I have no scouts and no clear way to ask the board to help remedy this. Good scouting seems pretty essential to this new version. Anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this problem or why "Limited Staff Changes" means I could only terminate and not replace one staff member? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm in a 3 player online game and the other two players were promoted and was left behind. The idea was that I would take over a team in the next division up and we would continue. I resigned with my current team and then added a new head coach with my existing profile and took control of the new club. The problem was it lost all the stats of my previous head coach profile and it was like I was starting fresh. Does anyone know how to handle this transition better? How can I switch control from one team to another mid game? Thanks in advance.
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