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  1. FM2012 - Narrow 4-5-1 some help

    Well my striker managed to finally score in my next game, a 3-0 win away to Dinamo Zagreb, so i'm happy with that. Although looking back on the match, you're right. he is getting isolated a lot. He barely touches the ball in fact, so I always seem to be playing with ten men. I was thinking of switching him to DLF so that he can get more involved in the build up. I would use a CF except for the fact that he's a pure Poacher. All he can do is score goals. I find trequatistas are hit and miss. Sometimes they are incredible and destroy teams on their own, other times they are completely invisible. Don't you find your defenders being pulled out of position using Man Marking? I have never been a fan of it.
  2. I have been lurking for awhile, and i decided to make my first post about a formation i have been tinkering with for a bit. Which is part of the reason I haven't yet switched to fm13. I used to be a big fan of using skillful, pacy wingers and having them cut inside and score plenty of goals. However, i don't like how I seem to lose the battle in midfield. I wanted more bodies there so that I could choke any team with possession. Although most people find them boring, I love the way Spain & Barcelona effectively dominate any team they play. Its amazing to watch. (disclaimer, this isn't me trying to build a Spain tactic. I don't want that) Lately I have also been a fan of asymmetrical tactics. Not only just with the way they look but the way I see my team playing. Here is what I have managed to get working for me: -----------------------------------------------P(a)---------------------------------- -----------------------------------IF(a)------AM(a)-------------------------------- -----------------------------------------AP(s)-----BWM(s)------------------------ ----WBL(a)-----DLP(d)------------------------------------------WBR(d)------- ------------------------------CD(d)--------CD(d)---------------------------------- ------------------------------------- SK(d)------------------------------------------- GK: Sweeper Keeper - Defend DC: Central Defender - Defend DC: Central Defender - Defend WBL: Wing Back - Attack DMCL: Deep-Lying Playmaker - Defend WBR: Wing-Back - Defend MC: Advanced Playmaker - Support MCR: Ball-Winning Playmaker - Support AMCL: Inside Forward - Attack AMCR: Attacking Midfielder - Attack STCR: Poacher - Attack Settings: Philosophy - Balanced Strategy - Control Passing Style - Short Creative Freedom - Default Closing Down - More Pressing Tackling - More Cautious Marking - Zonal Crossing - Default Roaming - No Roaming Defensive Line - High Width - Narrow Tempo - Slow Time Wasting - less Focus Passing - Through Middle Counter - yes Offside - yes I also have the playmaker ticked for the DLP. I'm in 2014 and currently manager of both Spain & Valencia. I instituted this formation for both teams in the summer and here are my results so far: Fixtures: Intl Friendly (v Slovakia, Home) 2-0 Spanish Super Cup First Leg (v Barcelona, Home) 1-0 Spanish Super Cup Second Leg (v Barcelona, Away) 1-0 Liga (v Deportivo, Away) 2-0 Euro Super Cup (v Tottenham, Neutral) 2-1 Liga (v Ossasuna, Home) 1-0 Intl Friendly (v Russia, Away) 1-0 Euro 2016 Qual (v Romania, Away) 1-0 Liga (v Villareal, Away) 3-1 CL (v Leverkusen, Away) 4-0 Liga (v Sporting, Home) 2-1 Liga (v Athletic, Away) 3-1 Liga (v At Madrid, Home) 2-0 My problem with this tactic is that I can't seem to score as much as I was last season. I'm finding my top goal scorer last season is being isolated and he still hasn't scored a goal for me this season. Most of my shots are being wasted due to them being long shots from my midfielders, so I switched it to rarely for everybody except my inside forward. But I'm still finding that most of them are still coming from distance. I'm using the work ball into box shout to try to cut down on it, but its not working as much as I hoped. So I guess my question is how do i get my Striker to start scoring again? Should i change his role or should i just be content I'm winning with Torres' younger brother up front...