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  1. I edited the database before starting my game and set the attendance to equal the mancs as i think our fanbases are similar in real life. So i set it to min about 50000, average about 75000 and max 100000. The board started building a new stadium in the second season. The game used to be completely biased against Liverpool and a little bit of editing evens it out again.
  2. I play lucas as a CM support next to Masch as a BWM support. Both in the CM position. Works for me
  3. Halfway through my third season and going well. Four points ahead of the red Mancs, with City way down in 5th. Just gave a debut to one of my youngsters, i'm going to give him some games this year when i can afford to rest Lucas or Masch. Spearing makes it four midfielders. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. nope. it's saying preparing to start (as usual) but then fm doesnt come up and run. and if i quit steam it says quit FM first, but it's not running! tried verifying game cache, but to no avail
  5. Nice! My season is starting out great. Beat Everton 3-1 in the first game of the season and beat City 2-0 at theirs, after getting hammered for 45 minutes. I gave my team some gentle encouragement and Balotelli came on to score the first in the 85th minute. Suarez finished it off. Looking good!
  6. just beat west brom 2-2 & penalties in the community shield same result as the FA cup, but this time i won the penalty series. would rather have won the FA cup though!
  7. Start of the third season for me. I was chasing Modric who wants to leave spurs, but they wont sell for less than 40m and i'm not stumping that up. I was also chasing Hamsik but again asking price was way high. Tevez was on my list, but he wanted 8m in signing fees and 220k wages, that after sitting on the city bench for 2 seasons! He's on a free next season, if he still has decent stats i'll have another look then. I brought in Balotelli to challenge for the AMR position. Gerrard & Kuyt & Henderson played there first two seasons. Henderson will stay but the first two are getting on a bit. Still nice to have the flexibility though as they can all play in a number of positions. Also got Griezmann for the AML position. I had Willian (who is ace), Downing, Bellamy and at times Gerrard play there last season. Bellamy has retired and Downing is rubbish. I can't give him away. It's good to have someone who's a natural in that position and with a left foot. We'll see how he does challenging Willian. I had a tough decision there as Rodriguez from Porto also looks great at AML and was available for 5m, rather than the 21m Griezmann cost me. I went for Griezmann as i have the money and my scouts give Griezmann 3 1/2 stars and Rodriguez 3. I feel my squad has more balance to it that last season, so let's hope for another title and more luck in Europe. I'm hoping Romario develops into a top class RB and a couple of my other youngsters develop.
  8. Ganso was my only signing in the first season. 20m, but a very well spent 20m!
  9. when did you sign gotze? another player i'd love in my team. i could use a proper AML, although willian just won players' player of the year in more or less that position. anyway, my star regen find is a little german guy. i'm not sure if he'll make it though, with poor tackling, strenght and positioning. what do you guys think? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/854/screenshot20111217at116.png/
  10. enrique and robinson are quality on mine, but i'm in 2013 so cant help you. i warn my players if they get a red card and fine them 2-weeks if it's for violent conduct. i find a warning for violent conduct too lenient
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