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  1. I'm totally at a loss, I pose virtually no attacking threat despite the fact I have impressive attacking players. Also signed players who on paper should have been capable of playing a high pressing game but that has also failed miserably, is hard tackling for the forward players required? So my formation is now With the same team instructions but as I said I am posing very little threat going forward and I don't really understand why. I'm not playing against teams who are parking the bus or anything and I think my tactic looks decent on paper but it's just not translating into wins.
  2. I mean solid defensively by a 4-2-3-1's standards. I know it's not going to be as solid as a more defensive formation. I've made the tweaks suggested on here, I'm on my phone just now but I'll post a write up of the changes I've made and how this has altered what I'm seeing on the pitch. I've been looking at playing a pressing game and my recruitment in the summer has allowed me to do this. I'll touch on this as well. cheers for the advice!
  3. The attacking midfielder was given that instruction to hopefully create overloads on the wings at times. But as you've pointed out this leaves me with not very men in the box. The shoot less was to reduce the shooting without using work ball into box as I believe this stops crosses. I feel my tactic should be one that's relatively strong defensively however it's not worked that way. I've reduced the mentality of the left full back but it's not helped all that much. My aim was to be solid defensively whilst maintaining an attacking threat. My best player was my attacking midfielder so I sought to use him in his strongest position. I conceded quite a few from crosses, I think this is down to my wingers being in a higher strata? Could be wrong.
  4. Currently playing as Dynamo Dresden, I have been using a 4-2-3-1 all season and against a 4-4-2 I have had great success by playing wider and exploiting the middle. However, when a team as the same amount of men as me in midfield I struggle. I've been very inconsistent throughout the season and find myself in 10th place which isn't too bad but having seen some of my results this season I feel that my team could be doing better. This is how my tactic looks: I've tried to keep it relatively simple as I'm not the best with tactics and I've tried to read a lot of the stuff on here to gain a better understanding. Have a few player instructions. My WB (A) has been instructed to stay wider. The three behind the striker have been instructed to shoot less and the attacking midfielder has been encouraged to roam more and move into the channels. Any help anyone with a better understanding of tactics than me (most people) could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Having to think about my tactic quite a lot. Mainly trying to bridge the gap between my midfield and my striker. Also, don't think I've used a wing back in the last 3 FM's so that'll be a challenge.
  6. It's got even worse after the winter break, lost my last two or three away games by 2 goals to teams I would expect to beat comfortably. Any ideas?
  7. Currently playing as Utrecht and I'm not far off being half way through my season. My home form has been pretty imperious, only dropped 4 points at home all season. However my away form has been a bit sketchy, both wins coming against ten men. This is how I currently line up tactic wise: this is my form Am I being unrealistic expecting to improve my away form with the squad I currently have? From what I'm seeing we seem to give teams too much time on the ball away from home, I've tried pressing higher but got put off that after the Zwolle result. Also was considering dropping my mentality away from home but I'm unsure that would help.
  8. I thought it might be better with a link player between the deeper midfielders and the attacking ones. I'll give that a go, cheers mate.
  9. In a 4-2-3-1 would a dlp (d) with dlp(s) work or would I better using a bbm or cm(s) with the dlp(d)?
  10. It was a stonewall penalty. Sio clipped Samaras' heel Cracking penalty. What a beautiful man.
  11. The only reason he never got exposed was because Italy had a centre back at left back.
  12. Italy deserved their win. Hit the woodwork twice and had a shot cleared off of the line. England mainly shot from long range and other than the Rooney chance never created anything clear cut. To be fair England were better than I expected them to be but at that level a midfield two of Gerrard and Henderson isn't going to cut it.
  13. Oh have I fallen for a hilarious whoosh? Must say I'm devastated.
  14. You're being very kind to England there. Nowhere near a top team.
  15. Cheers for the help and it's been giving me poor results any time I've tried to use it. So exploit the flanks and clear the ball to flanks could be quite useful with fast wingers?
  16. What's the best way to alter a tactic so it's more successful in bad weather and poor pitches? Current play a 4411 that is very possession based but have started to struggle on poor pitches and going more direct etc hasn't really worked for me. Ay help would be much appreciated.
  17. I'm playing a rigid 4-5-1 counter attacking strategy. Against 4-2-3-1 I seem to struggle what are the best ways to counter the effectiveness of the formation, I know to try and limit the supply to the opposition full backs but what is the best way to do this?
  18. Club: Celtic Budget: 10 million Looking for: centre back, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder With: Other: Season: 1 Loyalty Bonus: Agent Fee:
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