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  1. All trolling aside, England did brilliant to reach the stage they did. They have a few really good players in forward areas but lack the quality in midfield and defence to win a major tournament in my opinion. I think this was as good of chance as you’ll have as it was a reasonably easy run to that stage and you lost to both teams that you’d hope to be at least on par with to win a major tournament. 

  2. 10 hours ago, JDownie said:

    Not sure how you can bash KDB by saying Chelsea players can't do it. 

    He's a City player. He played a high press all season, a back 3 is designed to help the midfield press high. The only problem with KDB in Belgium's system is that he's not used far forward enough at times. Like Martinez isn't letting him roam. But defensively he can do the job, he is great at closing down and tracking back, and perhaps the most underrated part of his game is his tackling. He's very capable for someone not often associated with that side of his game. It's one of the notable improvements to him game under Pep - he has become a very capable ball winner whilst retaining his obviously fantastic technical ability. And he's got amazing stamina, so you get great effort from him for 90 mins. 

    Also not sure what relevance Boyata's record was for clubs he hasn't been at for 2 years now. He's not a great defender. He's very limited and prone to mistakes. But in the central position he can sweep using his speed and he has less of a focus on passing too - Martinez has played him in the position that covers his weaknesses. It's clever. 

    But yes, Kompany is needed soon. For Brazil. If they go in with Boyata it could be disastrous defensively  (But Belgium can still outscore Brazil). 

    I watch Boyata every week. He’s a really good defender. Prone to errors on the ball though.

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