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  1. Big thing for England is getting a better holding midfielder. Henderson isn’t great on the ball under pressure.
  2. We brought it into football. We’re a manly bunch.
  3. That’s a Celtic song by the way. Weird a nation who supposedly hate us steal our songs x
  4. All trolling aside, England did brilliant to reach the stage they did. They have a few really good players in forward areas but lack the quality in midfield and defence to win a major tournament in my opinion. I think this was as good of chance as you’ll have as it was a reasonably easy run to that stage and you lost to both teams that you’d hope to be at least on par with to win a major tournament.
  5. Wouldn’t be hard. You were in a group with pish like us.
  6. I know I’m utterly biased but itv are even worse than me. As are some on here. Mon Colombia.
  7. I do think it was a red. But if a Colombian acted like that the English would be up in arms.
  8. Boyata should never have been dropped for that tefal headed diddy from a tin pot league
  9. I watch Boyata every week. He’s a really good defender. Prone to errors on the ball though.
  10. I’m not trolling. It’s the usual. 15 good minutes, lots of folk getting carried away. Defence look awful under any sort of pressure. Last I’ll say on it.
  11. Do England fans not see their defence is awful?
  12. World class but. Best team in the tournament but.
  13. Spain to win it. Aston Villa to get liquidated.
  14. A good team will beat England comfortably.
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