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  1. Mass editing for staff PERSONALITY attributes still doesn't work, year after year, nobody has noticed it or what ???
  2. mass edit for personality attributes is still not working. will it ever be possible ?
  3. the bottom line is: the dutch translation is WRONG and means the opposite of what it should be
  4. So the Dutch translation is absolutely wrong... For an attacking player this sounds like a very negative PPM, but in fact it's a positive one, because it means the player can resist to pressure...
  5. Is following PPM negative or positive ? PPM: "Plays way out of trouble" Dutch translation = "Trapt bal onder druk blind weg" = A player can't resist to pressure and just shoots away the ball when he's under pressure (so it sounds like a negative PPM) but some people say it's a positive PPM, is it wrongly translated or what ?!
  6. are the schedules in the OP still the first version? are have they been updated/corrected since then ?
  7. is there a way to improve the average quality of regens of a certain country ?
  8. my biggest wishes: - dynamic PA: directly related to a player's performance (I'm not talking about making huge changes in PA, but maybe sth like max 10-15 points up will make the game more realistic IMO) - possibility to 'train' players on their personality / or to influence your players personality with e.g. interaction: example: I don't think Cristiano Ronaldo would have been world class today if he hadn't been developed by Alex Ferguson... Am I wrong? ---> or e.g.: your staff's discipline etc ratings should have an impact on players personality...
  9. about natural fitness: in one of my games I'have seen that Messi have had different injuries and only played a few games in 3 seasons. result: all his physical stats were a lot lower than in the beginning of the game (including his NF)
  10. all players are unhappy with these very intensive trainings, what's the solution ?
  11. how have you done to make his determination raise from 15 to 19 ? tutored by someone? who? Very strange condition hasn't improved... while its the most intensive training on the schedules
  12. thank man, I forgot to change the 'is at least' into 'is'
  13. question: how to search players with a negative PA, eg -9 ??? I input this but it shows all players
  14. BaYa


    with last version we can NOT edit personal attributes for... it fails
  15. does someone know what the influence is of the hidden non player attribute "hardness of training" ?
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