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  1. FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    2m? That can't be right???
  2. My real issue is making the board/fans a lot more appreciative of your successes. Just because I said I would win the league, doesn't make it any less effing awesome when I do as Liverpool manager. Likewise when I sell a guy I rarely play, it's not a big deal and everyone should just relax - I got this! I'd also like it to be easier to sell players (even if it has to be for a lower price), but I haven't got that far into 11.3 to find out if they fixed that or not.
  3. Players to look for in next patch

    Except - there were. Liverpool for sure did. I'd like to see all the ones mentioned, plus Jay Spearing, Conor Coady, Chris Mavinga, Suso (especially Suso), Andre Wisdom and Toni Silva at Liverpool. The "known" youngsters in the game never seem to pan out, at any club. A couple of years ago Fabio and Rafael were both kinda useless (having already looked the part before that season), same with a few of the Arsenal youngsters.
  4. Offer to club tips?

    But my point is that this happens with players who are in the first team and have played a lot. You can't sell anyone easily, and I have no problem with that to an extent, but it's unrealistic at this point.
  5. Offer to club tips?

    ...He just moved club for 6m in real life. Obviously something needs to give. Defending this is ridiculous.
  6. The board/fan stuff is weird. I signed Dzeko and sold Kuyt to pay for him. The fans were sadder about Kuyt leaving than they were excited for Dzeko. I think they should leave that part out, and just focus on matches/performances etc. And the board need to be happier with a league title win!
  7. Offer to club tips?

    People defending the transfer engine in this version are nuts. I'm not a usually complainer or a whiner, but it is extremely difficult to offload players. I couldn't get an offer for Babel, and eventually got 2.5m for him. After playing him as a key member for a season. In the real world, he warms the bench for two years and leaves for 6m. I appreciate some players should be worth less than their value, but some should be worth more. Or are you saying I shouldn't be able to get 50m for Torres cos he's only worth 34.5m?
  8. Wassup you squares! Finally got going again, amazing how much your interest in football can be restored by King Kenny. Won the league, got dumped out of the cups by Arsenal as per usual, eased to the CL final against Barca and was a little bit worried. I'm not normally, I have great luck in the CL final, I've lost maybe three or four in hundreds of finals. But knowing how the game works, and how stacked Barca are, I thought I might struggle. Jammy bastards. Would have been 12-3 if Dzeko and Nando were as lethal as their strikers. I thought Lucas had won it and was about to tweet him the screencap. Can't sell anyone, and it's getting annoying. Aquilani, Babel, Cole, Konchesky and Assulin are all stuck in the ressies. Wilshere was a revelation, and Pastore is up there with Gerrard and Kaka as the best player I've ever managed in FM.
  9. How do I sell players..........

    I can't sell Babel, Aquilani, Konchesky, Cole or Assulin. I offer them out for what they're valued at, and all I get are ****** loan to buy offers. Not even a half-value offer or anything like that. I don't even need the money, I just want them off the wage bill. My reserve team is probably Championship quality at this point. I couldn't even get a nibble for Degen and I offered him out for free.
  10. I don't use AMRs, that's why I sold him. For 5m. Barely.
  11. Yeah no way can you get 14m for Kuyt. I couldn't get 14m for Kuyt, Maxi and Babel combined.
  12. Worst reaction to a defeat/getting robbed

    I got so mad with Arsenal just battering me at Anfield that I burst a bunch of blood vessels in my forehead. Everyone thought I was dying.
  13. Evening all, thought I'd post my beautiful team. After watching the game today, FM is the perfect way to take out some of my frustrations. Hodgson is gone, and I always beat the Spuds. Probably gonna switch it so that Gerrard is the supporting AM, Pastore and Afellay are attacking, but we'll see. Stevie's out for a month before I really have to decide. How long does it take to retrain a player? I've been retraining Shelvey as an AMC and want to do the same with Urby Emanuelson as a LB. I like the tighter formation (and it's not like you start with any proper wingers anyway), it leads to some beautiful football. In my first season I won the league and League Cup, but lost the UEFA cup in the final (despite playing kids most of the way) and got knocked out the FA Cup by Wolves at home in the 3rd round! Happy with the transfers. Brought the average age down considerably. Shawcross is apparently insanely good at corners, is he worth picking up? What about Kjaer? I also added Lukaku, Dzeko, Defour and Camacho in the previous season. As always, Dzeko is amazing. I don't think Camacho is going to stick around, I'm trying to weasel out Canales from Madrid.
  14. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Finally got back into the game. Our recent miserable season and the disgusting treatment of Rafa made me decide to cheat and give myself a chairman that will PUT IN to the club, instead of just tear it apart. So first season, 54m to spend. Got in Di Maria, Chiellini and Dzeko, offloaded Riera. Won the league (just). Had a lot of fun playing Chelsea too. They beat me 1-0 at Anfield, we drew 1-1 at Anfield, then 1-1 at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup, losing on pens. Then, three points behind with two games in hand, went to Stamford Bridge. Finally figured them out and beat them 4-1 with Dzeko getting them all. Second season I got rid of Kuyt/Aurelio/Degen/Cavalieri and a few other squad players. Paying Aquilani 81k a week to **** off, because he was useless. Brought in some regens, Riquelme and Dida on frees, and Aguero for 52m. Best player ever! He just rips through teams, I think he had about 27G and 23A in 48 games. Also picked up Van Der Vaart for 4m from the Bernabeu scrap heap. He's excellent too, especially at that price. Walked away with the Prem as you might imagine, scraped the FA Cup and lost 1-0 (???) to Barca in the CL final. It's really relaxing to have no debt and lots to spend. My other Liverpool save has been more satisfying (not cheating), but this is like a break from reality. I love it. Got Ribery on a free, going into the third season. Playing a diamond Reina Johnson Chiellini Skrtel Insua Mascherano Babel/Di Maria Ribery/Maxi Gerrard Aguero Torres/Dzeko On a side note, played a network game against a friend as Man City. I sucked. Brought in top class players, and still couldn't win anything. I think Liverpool are the only team I can work with.
  15. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    The second season sucks so much Luckily I have Torres, Dzeko, Stevie and Riquelme blowing most people away. Apart from Posh, for some daft reason. Dalle Valle is turning out well too, scoring in B-level games for me. Buchtmann is probably not very good, but my rash decision to sell Bertrand to try and raise fund for Ribery is biting me in the backside.