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  1. John Neil

    X-Factor 2010

    Exactly. This is an entertainment show not a true singing talent contest so there is no way she'll be leaving anytime soon.
  2. John Neil

    Opening Match thread - South Africa vs Mexico

    What actually happened? Tbf you can't blame him. Georgie Thompson is a beautiful speciman of a woman.
  3. John Neil

    2010 - 2019 What will this decade be called?

    Just call it the "twenty-tens". Simple.
  4. John Neil

    Derren brown

    Blaine is very good i have to admit
  5. John Neil

    Derren brown

    That Rowntrees advert is fb
  6. John Neil

    Random and trivial irritations...

    Here are a few irritations that come to mind: -On MSN, when you start a conversation with someone and they don't reply. You give it 10/15 mins and still no reply. Really, REALLY ticks me off. If your busy, then say your busy, I don't mind that. If your away from your laptop/PC then signout. Don't just say nothing, it's rude. -People who chew loudly. -Facebook whores who add pics everyday. Pointless. -Loud TV adverts. I even put the volume on 1, and you can still hear the adverts from far away. -Flies, Wasps, Bees. -Buying shoes. I'm size 12, so I usually have to ask "Do you have this in size 12" They say "Ok, we'll check for you", 5 mins later they come back with the same old "Sorry we only go up to 11" -Last but not least, Katie Price. Not for her looks (I'd still bang her) but the fact she's plastered all over the papers, TV and magazines all the time.
  7. Triple trouble, what an appropriate sounding name
  8. That take that song in the background is fb
  9. Nah, simon is the best judge.
  10. This is guy is so cheesy, Wosits has nothing on this guy
  11. Exactly. For example take these two fat girls singing. If it was last year, you'd be laughing your ass off. But this background music takes away the rawness and charm. So the humour value is lost.