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  1. hi guys, what would be the recommended graphic card to view 3D matches in the highest quality?
  2. Playing fm touch, One of my key player initially has a slight concern that there isn't any attacking depth in the squad. After that he voiced out publicly, and now he has an unhappy status. How do I remove it? As the manager, I feel definitely we have sufficient at attacking depth. Thanks guys
  3. To protect the back four with strong tackling between midfield and defenders. I petted my bmw to be roaming a little though. Not too much thus i set him on defend.
  4. Guys, ball winning midfielder (Defend) role, in DM position for a 4-1-3-2 formation. Pros and cons guys? Do u think it's recommended?
  5. Guys, formation: 4-3-3 with defensive triangle. Is it ideal to play 1 APM(A) and 1 roaming playmaker (support) side by side together in the Central midfield partnership? Any issues with playing 2 playmakers together? Thanks
  6. Hi all, is there any way I can insert a filter to filter out all the homegrown players during the player search for fm16?
  7. Is there a way to select penalty takers in fm15 classic? Can't find the option to in this year's version.
  8. HI all, just wanna find out bout the specs needed for FM15. Can i safely assume that if this desktop im using is able run FM14 well, this same desktop should run fm15 without any issues?
  9. Hi all, will the new champ league seeding format be reflected in the FM2015 game? Thanks
  10. anyone realise that the updated ME has vastly improved? its a lot more realistic, kudos to the development team. also, not sure if its me, but its easiler to score and win games now?
  11. In the January transfer update, aside from the update of the player transfers, will there be an update of the player stats?
  12. I'm playing as PSG second season. Lone striker: cavani DFL attack Aml: pastore Advanced playmaker attack AmR: lamela Inside forward attack Central midfielders Mateo kovacic Advanced playmaker support Khedira box to box midfielder support DM Lars bender anchorman defend Defenders Complete wing right Luke shaw Complete wing left van de wiel CB thiago silva CB David Luiz Goalkeeper Victor valdes Was thinking 1) if it's effective to play 2 advanced playmakers with pastore on wing and kovacic midfield? 2) what will be the best role for cavani (poacher, TM, DLF?) in this formation? 3) any other comments to improve the play will be much appreciated
  13. Tried to submit a print screen of the transfer budget here but cant seems to do so.
  14. Hi all. Won 5 trophies with PSG in season 1 including league and champions league, cavani was a beast. Realised that i have a transfer budget of $289Million for the start of season 2. Is this a bug or PSG is really that cash rich??
  15. Anyone notice a loophole regarding the transfer negotiations? I just got Mata with Real Madrid for $0. After the club has accepted your offer, (after you submitted your "make offer" for the player you wanted), click on the same player once again and suggest any amount (yes i suggested $0) and it will always be accepted by the club who owns the player. Bug?
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