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  1. Having played almost 5 seasons (started on beta) I think the AI squad building still needs some work. I love that players get unhappy faster for not playing, but they should try harder to force moves for things like not being registered for league play/champions league. At least during the "peak" of their careers. As an example look at this PSG champions league squad (I'm Manchester United, got their squad scouted and noticed all the unregistered players): http://i.imgur.com/oFgxsHp.jpg Most glaring example here is Gabriel Barbosa they paid £60m for 2,5 seasons ago. Record signing, used as a squad rotation player at best. Two problems with that, why pay so much for a squad rotation player and why isn't he pissed he didn't make the champions league squad. He hasn't played a single Continental game since he arrived there. From the Brazilian Best Europe-based player in 2016 to rotting away. Maybe make teams focus more on assembling a squad that can actually be registered for the competitions they play in.
  2. Really hope SI doesn't tone down injuries, if anything there's too few in my save. Enjoying the game so far, just need to improve the match engine for this to be a great game.
  3. 36, been playing since the 93/94 version.
  4. There seems to be a bug if Tutoring works "too well". I bought Zivkovic and had him tutored by Van Persie. At the end of the tutoring he got "professional" personality like Van Persie, and his determination went up to 19 (same as Van Persie). However, I got the message that "Zivkovic feels there was no way he could learn from a player when there was such a clear difference in personality between them", and they're both unhappy.
  5. They're boring and repetitive, wish there was an option to turn them off. I usually let my assistant handle it and hope he doesn't mess up.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/hU03sAH.jpg Scored 50 League goals for me last year, the best anyone's ever done for me in FM14. (If you're wondering about the editor, sadly had to buy it to "fix" this bug after a takeover: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/393660-Bankrupt-after-takeover)
  7. My 26 year old French world class striker is worth £61m in 2030 after having a brilliant season last year. He was bought for £52m in 2026 from PSG.
  8. My club just had a takeover, the problem is that I was already "too rich", so the takeover put me over and in huge debt. They pumped in £1,2B and now I'm in £2B debt. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I've invested quite some time in this save. http://i.imgur.com/sC0G4YU.jpg
  9. I also want to know this, my save file is already getting quite big and after taking over Italy it seems it retains the history of all players I called up to the national team as well. Anyway to delete old players history after retirement, and also an option to turn off the automatically retaining it? At least for the national team.
  10. Sold a Mexican ST/AMR regen for £69m in 2022 from my AC Milan team to FC Bayern.
  11. Sadly it seems the only reliable way to score with the latest patch is from crossing, with headers. In my game Xisco just won the European Golden Shoe (year 3), with Llorente as runner up (Full details on Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga).
  12. I'm in December 2016 and I also got this problem. I was sure this board promise would be no problem as I like to build my team from youth, but it doesn't seem to work. My team is one of the youngest in the league, with most of my team being "club home grown", yet board confidence in this area is very poor.
  13. Hernandez managed 20 for me in Premier League and that was enough to get the top goalscorer award, seems really hard to score goals.
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