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  1. Exactly, with the only difference that I only used the mouse (in my case the notebook pad) to "go out" of the field I typed into, clicking somewhere else; your answer helped me a lot because I was never using enter key to "confirm" what I typed, I tried it and it's working perfectly... you never stop learning, even simplest things! So at the moment the glitch is happening using only the pad: I tried with any kind of contract negotiation (including renewals of my own players), independently of the field I try to modify, it reverts to last value when I click on another one. Don't kno
  2. Description of Issue: After last update, if I try to manually digit wage during a contract offering, the wage "resets" to the previous value after my modification. Steps to Reproduce: In my uploaded savegame you can find that the last news is an offer accepted, if you go ahead in negotiations you'll find that he asks for 2.64 per year, I manually digit (for example) 1.8M in the wage field, then I try to modify one of the other bonuses and wage resets back to 2.64 by itself. It doesn't happen if I use the arrows to modify wage offer instead of typing it. Files Uploade
  3. Really good to see that graphic is generally smoother and all the small fixes, but I spotted quite an annoying glitch that is driving me mad: when I negotiate the wage offering a contract, visually it changes but "actually" the offer remains as it was before. I don't know how to explain it properly, I'll try to put it as an example: -> after the promises, on the contract page player X asks for 10k, I click on it and I manually digit 5k, then if I try to modify another field (like bonuses or whatsoever) the main wage field switches back to the initial request of 10k. It doesn'
  4. On Macbook Pro 2016, background 3D graphic is not stuttering now. I still find it useless, but at least not bugged.
  5. yes it is, under gameplay Further improvements to inactive leagues generating newgens
  6. for those playing where is not deep night or don't have to go to work tomorrow, pls give us feedback about ME / Youth intake, I really hope that tomorrow is longterm save start day... fingers crossed!
  7. and even if you don't have clear passes available, there's no sense in waiting ages and let the opponent come so close that he has no more room to cross it. Happens 99% of times.
  8. Is not about "cheating", but is like playing someone else's game. You may take inspiration or learn from famous tactics around the communities, as it normally happens in real football, but nothing beats the feeling of building up a tactic from zero learning by every single mistake.
  9. Current situation: - playing on a very short pitch at home to avoid long balls -> as an only-2D player, I've got two grey columns at sides completely empty and useless. If I turn on permanently the left side panel with stats and events, it remains on and I have to disable for the next away game (where the pitch will be 99% of times larger, so covered by stats on left side). - zooming in at maximum (always due the short dimensions) means that if I want to see the whole pitch, I have to hide the bottom bar. No way to check performances "live" (as no widgets and no bar) but above all
  10. Still waiting for the patch. FYI I almost reduced 90% of killer long ball from defense setting my pitch as short and wide, think that is the only solution atm.
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