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  1. Just an info: for those who activated the public beta version few days ago, can we switch back to the "normal" version on the steam preferences after the update to 19.2.3 retail without creating any problem to the save? thanks in advance
  2. As a long term maniac of the game, I really cannot understand how it is possible that in 2019 such an evident issue on practically 100% of Mac users (at least for all those writing here!) was not identified and avoided during the testing of the last patch.
  3. - What is your type of Mac? Macbook Pro 13" Late 2016, Mojave 10.14.2, i5, 2Ghz, 8GB Ram, Iris 540. - What resolution is your system running in? 1440x900 Retina display - Are you running FM in full screen or windowed mode? full screen - Does it always lag during a match? Always, with fans going crazy. Game is playable but really annoying. Before the latest patch worked like a charm. - What graphics quality level (low, medium, high etc) do you run in? Does this happen in other settings? Does it happen in both 2D and 3D? Medium / Yes / I ONLY use 2D. - Have you encountered any other lag/performance issue outside of the match? No, only during the match. - Are you running any other programs at the same time? Absolutely not.
  4. The first thing I noticed with the new patch is that the pop up in the upper bar that was appearing when a correct goal was scored, is not present anymore.. is that a bug or a choice? It was useful to distinguish regular goals by those that were going to be canceled due to offside or foul. EDIT: cache erased, skin reloaded and problem solved! The second one is that finally now the inside forward on the wing contribute A LOT MORE in the game, they finally score and get good marks! I was almost erasing my beloved 4-3-3!
  5. Such a rude way to answer. I think that people who express their opinion here should be taken a little bit more in consideration, even if we are "only" 50, otherwise just close everything and don't give us the possibility to give feedbacks, if we only "overestimate ourselves". Exactly. Forums maybe are not representative, but surely you can find more loyal and longterm FMaddicted on communities, especially on this one (and maybe you should have announced it here), than judging by the data sent by all the casual players that you can find on steam, the "so-called majority". People that, maybe, discovered FM last year or children that use PSG to pump up finances for their 10 minutes game.
  6. I like the new scouting system, definitely an indispensable improvement, but maybe a simple message in the inbox that informs us to check the scouting page to see the new results incoming would be highly appreciated. And... any chances to see the capital letters removed at the dayone? I don't like using third party skins and always appreciate the base graphic, but that's absolutely disturbing and unaesthetic.
  7. Agree with all of you. Quite sure that at least half of that "90%" are young players who know FM especially in the "3D version" or people who take it just for a few hours. I don't think is respectful (even if we are "a tiny 10%") the lack of news about the old 2D removal during the promo... we had to discover it with the beta. Definitely not a good move, especially for those who kept playing this way for years and years. Praying for last minute fixes.
  8. it's funny how you try to force people to embrace the 3D solutions using the "new" classic 2D and the "data analyst" one, advising to "give it a try" when it's clearly enormously different from what we were used to. I think that almost 50% of old players (my first game was a floppy 92/93 edition and I didn't jump a single year...!) absolutely loved the simple, essential, perfect 2D that we had until last edition and now its loss won't absolutely be rewarded by scouting, medical centre etc. etc. etc; did you refuse to mention it in the promotional videos because you were somehow aware of the disappointment you were going to cause? As you said: FM's focus is mainly the match day and, for a lot of us, the match day was absolutely perfect with our beloved "OLD" 2D. (...and the capital letters on the top of each screen are definitely terrible). My hype for the day-one collapsed, for the first time in almost 20 years.
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