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  1. To those who do (a version of) the DoF challenge: under the 'board' tab, what have you chosen to set your budget to? I usually have it two clicks from the right, so that my DoF won't go overboard with wage offers but that there's still some transfer budget left to work with. Unfortunately sometimes a DoF can't seem to restrain himself and then my debt keeps increasing and increasing. Tests with setting the budget all the way to the left (so transfer budget is zero), all the way to the right or somewhat left or right have been inconclusive so far.
  2. I was watching Youtube videos about FMT19 and it seems like you can now set your staff to handle contract renewals and incoming transfers. If that is true, that would be awesome!
  3. If I am not mistaken, Touch is geared more towards a quicker gameplay. Wouldn't it then be a good idea to add the staff responsability page to FMT, similar to the one in the full version? That way I can finally set my DoF to handle those pesky contract renewals that come back year after year after year and take a long time to click through. Also, the possibility of a custom database would be really nice, so that I can load players from European top clubs and don't have to play all-gray teams in European competitions. (Playing FM2016, don't know if FM2017 already has the things mentioned above)
  4. I guess it can't be helped, then. Thanks for trying to help, anyway.
  5. No steam. And yes, patched to 10.3. I forgot it once, but then I got that uniloc error message, if you know what I mean.
  6. I tried that today, unfortunately it didn't work. Then I tried uninstalling the game and manually removing everything, according to these instructions http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/177053-Football-Manager-2010-FAQ?p=4455346&viewfull=1#post4455346 but also to no avail. Lastly I tried retiring and holidaying past the date (mentioned here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/174102-Crash-on-13-July-2014) but that didn't work either. The game still crashes at 4 July.
  7. To my knowledge, I used the default english and spanish leagues and databases, nothing is extra or modified.
  8. And just when I managed to save Farsley from relegation, the game crashes, always on 4 July. Holidaying past the date doesn’t work and starting the game from an earlier save results in the same crash at the same date. I have not edited anything in the database, no third party graphics, my version is 10.3.0 104992 (m.e v839) and I have all English and Spanish leagues loaded with a large database. What’s so special about 4 July in FM2010? Any help would be appreciated.
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