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  1. Btw @KUBI - remember that problem I had from a few weeks back? That I couldn't change team names etc before a new game on FM17 with the editor and you recommended a lnc file? Well it turns out that I had previously downloaded and installed a "real names" lnc file, which I thought was only for the league & competitions, but the guy who made it went through and unnecessarily changed all the team names too. I only figured it out hours before my wife surprised me with a digital version of FM18 ...so all that time pestering you for help was for, well, nothing Thanks anyway though
  2. In the guide it only has long and short names, so thought I'd ask here on the off-chance. Looks like changing the 6 letter name in a Save isn't supported at all Unless anybody else knows?
  3. Hey What do I put in the lnc file when I want to change the 6 letter name for a club? "CLUB_6LETTERS_CHANGE" or "CLUB_6_LETTERS_CHANGE" or how? Thanks
  4. Excellent, thanks mate. I’ll try it out later. If it somehow doesn’t work, then I’ll be back
  5. Cool thanks. So I basically start a new game, edit the lnc file, reload save and bingo. What about the lnc file itself? Do I create a new one or do I edit it in the "data\db\[version]\lnc\all" folder? Apologies for the frequent line of questioning, but appreciate the help!
  6. Ah okay, thanks. So can I create a lnc file and any team name changes will override the changes made in the data file? Or have I misunderstood?
  7. Oh yeah, I remember doing that years ago. But anyway, I want to start a new game in FM17 with a data update from this season and edit that data update info in the pre-game editor, not the original data. But the info I edit (using the HSV stuff previously mentioned as an example) doesn’t appear in the game. There’s no LNC file with the data update either, as far I’m aware.
  8. Whoever made this data update has changed it to the following (with what it should be in brackets) Long name: Hamburger Sportverein ( Hamburger SV) Short name: Hamburger SV (Hamburg) 3 Letter name: Hambur (HSV) In the original database the short name is HSV where I’d like to change it to Hamburg instead. How can I edit them so that they appear in the game?
  9. Hello. Hope this is the right thread/forum I downloaded a data update for FM17 from sortitoutsi and in the update, Hamburg's short name has been changed to "Hamburger SV" (for whatever reason). I'm trying to change it to just "Hamburg" through the pre-game ditor, but I can't seem to get it sorted. In the editor, I load up the Official 17.3.0 database and then with "load data editor", presumably I then choose the "Club & League changes" file and finally "save editor data". But then any changes that I saved in the editor don't appear in the game and I've still got "Hamburger SV" as the
  10. Appreciate your help mate Instead of ordering online, I'm going to go in store and buy the laptop personally. The shop I use has an website where it tells me if the laptop is available in store or not too. Basically I can't be assed waiting 2-3 days for the delivery Based on the specs that I gave you guys earlier and the feedback I've recieved since, I'm leaning towards getting this ASUS laptop... https://www.expert.de/shop/unsere-produkte/computer-zubehor/notebook/laptop/17044051125-notebook-asus-f555lj-xo922t-15-i5-8gb-1tb.html More specs (in German): https://www.udo-lermann.de/elektro-
  11. Cool, thanks for the info. You too @Welshace My concerns are about the U processor. Earlier in this thread it was mentioned that we should avoid it at all costs. Is that really the case and if so, what would be a good alternative?
  12. Is Hybrid better then? Which graphics card do you think is the most dedicated? What about brand name? Does that matter? There are some Medion and Lenovo that look good but not sure what their reputation is. Or should I just stick with ASUS? Despite not really knowing the German market, is there any chance you could have a quick browse on the link anyway? The specs filter on the left is easy enough to figure out although I could help with translating Apologies about the rapid-fire questions
  13. Hey everyone. I've had an ASUS X52JT for the last five years and the time has come to upgrade. So I'm after a laptop that's similiar, if not with better specs than my current one. I've been very happy with ASUS, so I'm happy to stick with them although any reliable brand would be great. 1. Amount of a leagues/clubs 4-8 leagues, large database 2. Are 3d graphics important? Nope 3. What other tasks do you do when playing FM? Web browsing, watch TV shows & films on VLC player, listen to music, watch football on SkyGo etc 4. Is game speed essential? Reasonably fast 5. Fast load an
  14. Just realised this myself, having just reinstalled Windows and noticing my save-game HOF history disappearing. I'm fuming that such information isn't made aware beforehand and the fact that the HOF file is "stored away from the other files"
  15. Unfortunately not, no. Only caters to the German/Swiss/Austrian market. Although if you've got the time to have a browse, I could translate the keywords that you'd need in the search function. Alternatively, you could tell me what specs I need and I could have a browse myself EDIT - Just seen your last post Thanks for the advice, much appreicated
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