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  1. He wanted a new challenge in 2021/22 season and sold him to Sheffield Utd (EPL team) for 41mill pound
  2. He was solid for me in 2019/20 season, played 35(2) with 5 assists and avr rating of 7.04. Injured few times in 2020/21 season, managed to play only 20 games, but came back and has been solid in 2021/22 season, played 34 times, scored 2 goals with 6 assist. He played as WB (Su) for my team. His back up is Alex Telles, bought from FC Porto for 23mill pound. Very good back up imo.
  3. Tried to buy Chilwell too to be back up for Tierney, but figured out that since they are the same age, I cannot guarantee them to have enough playing time and might risk one to be unhappy. So went for older player thinking that Tierney could take one or two years to reach his potential. So I bought Alex Telles instead from FC Porto for 23Mill pound. He was my first choice left fullback for one and half season with Tierney in and out of the team due to injuries. Now Tierney has taken over as no 1 for that spot and Telles is happy to be getting lesser games than before. And he's a fantastic set
  4. Exactly, it's very odd. I chose "Professional Footballer at National Level" with Continental Pro License. Managerial support is "Very Good". I'm trying to praise them as much as possible if they play well and see if this will change their mind. And there's no club interested in the at the moment. Oddly enough, the key players like Ozil and Bellerin agreed to extend their contracts. Will update how this progresses
  5. Nice thread. I'm in my second season with Arsenal save. Managed to win Europa League in the first season and qualified for Champions League spot (4th place) after game no 37, finishing the season ahead of Chelsea by just one point. I turned off the transfer in the new season, so played with the players that I had at the start of the game. Anyway, anybody is having difficulty in renewing contract for Nelson and Saka? Both are "extremely uninterested" to enter into negotiation with me at the moment, despite playing quite a lot in the first season i.e. Saka 31(10) and Nelson 16(13). Their co
  6. just submitted offer for Moise Kean for 7.5mill pound upfront + 7.5mill pound over 12 months (3 installments) and 35% of profit from next sale in Jan 2018. Want him to come at the end of Serie A season. And Juventus accepted my offer. just waiting to negotiate the contract now EDIT : I got my man! Offered him 45k per week with for three years. Hope he turns out to be good.
  7. ah, never thought of using sell on fee to knock down the price. good tips
  8. how do you manage to het Donnaruma for only that 38m? is it because of his release clause?in my save, his release clause is 67m pound. do you think they'll settle for anything less?
  9. both look good in my save but i dont think they will sell them to me. both everton and stoke are not doing very well at the moment though. let see what happens at the end of the first season. if i were to go for either one of them, i'd prefer pickford
  10. just wondering who do you guys buy to replace petr cech? do you start with him or immediately sell him in the first season?
  11. bought him in my previous two Arsenal saves in FM17. both times, he was very very good. i was contemplating whether to buy him or Guerrero from Dortmund. Didn't regret my decision.
  12. play him as DLF in 4-2-3-1 formation. seven games into the season and he's scored 14 goals already for me, including 2 from penalty spot.he's a very good finisher.
  13. never knew Leeds is a female.lol http://imageshack.com/a/img5/5895/ojet.png
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