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    Love the look of the skin, great smooth user interface and text is a change from previous skins i've used but i need to make 2 changes just for personal preference the stars and attribute colours from an old skin that i used, as i haven't liked the old stars for several versions now and i like to use a traffic light system for attributes were green is the best and work down from there
  2. because London Senior Cup was not included in GE original Db and i have taken out main league cups from lvl 11-14 to help with game processing times so why would i then add in individual FA County Competitions and if people had read post from earlier about how long i have spent trying to sort out problems from original GE db, why would i want to start adding in things that weren't original included, also that would then severely slow game down for people who are already asking for things to be taken out due to processing time and also could cause game to crash. i have spent nearly 3 months getting it to this workerable version that does not crash anymore. So i am not going to change anything else with the db now but will help solve any game crash problems people may have. But do feel free to add in the competition yourself if you know how to use editor, but if you do and share it make sure you credit GoldenEagles for the original creation and me for the changes made to get it working properly. Takes about 45 minutes due to amount of teams it has to set up
  3. now i've got original GE db problems fixed and working which has taken nearly 3 months to do. i want to spend sometime actual playing the game. feel free to remove those yourself if it will help your processing time. Have found on holiday mode with current build takes about 10 hours for a season.
  4. Finally a version of my reworked my version of Golden Eagles level 14 db that doesn't crash at all, have figured out why at season update it was crashing this was due to where some leagues that had only 6/7 teams number of rounds for that league was changed to 4 but max number of teams wasn't set in league page but was set in parent competition at 20 teams a league so game was thinking 76 matches had to be played in several leagues and therefore was unable to find enough time to play them and therfore still had games to be played after 25th june therefore causing game to crash, yet have no reason why this has only just shown up as have always worked from GE original release and only changed promotion relegation paths and number of places, and rebuild fa cup trophy and vase, only thing i did with the leagues was to put in missing reserve and A teams that play in league structure but these still fitted in with the min and max teams already set for each level. Have no idea why it only just showed up now after nearly 3 months of reworking and testing db but at least now have figured it out and it works okay now. Reworked down to level 14 with promotion and relegation paths fixed so possible to start at lvl 14 and get all the way to Premier League which wasn't possible with some leagues in original Golden Eagles DB Added in all reserve teams to normal leagues from level 11 down so that all leagues now have right number of teams and therefore solving problem where some teams only played 8-12 matches in a season but only seemed to be for leagues on the paths below Isthmian and Southern League part of pyramid (GE had included reserve teams in Northern League section already) Reworked FA Cup to included all rounds as in real life and also removed Croydon Atheletic Reworked FA Trophy as Croydon Atheletic are no longer in Isthmain South Reworked FA Vase now has a 3 qualifying rounds so that all level 9-11 take part as couldn't figure out a fair way to limit to number of teams to fit in with real life format which only has 2 Qualifying Rounds Added Level 9 and level 10 County Cups/Trophies which include some lvl 11 teams for relevant competitions Left Reserve structure as hardcoded due to at lower levels alot of reserve teams play in normal league structure Left Youth structure as GE built so level 1-5 are leagues and lvl 6-9 have between 448 and 600 teams split into 20 groups at each level (groups limited to 20 by editor) so all teams in db should have U18 fixtures Rebuilt Youth Cup to include all teams from level 1-3 to help with game processing time http://www.gamefront.com/files/21599591/Lvl_14_v22_2_dbc
  5. i removed mine below 9-10 leagues due to processing times and also were causing crash dumps in previous releases of my Golden Eagles database fix
  6. if you have followed thread you would know what was wrong with original GoldenEagles DB, divisions added that weren't at the correct level, promotion and relegations not set properly so that if you started in certain leagues you couldn't move up the leagues, problems with fixtures for level 1-6 when rebuilding cups to be like real life etc...etc... as for my db where i have been trying to fix these problems, found after latest update there was a problem processing season end but have now solved it. also i think steam is causing some of the problems as game was crashing randomly but found that steam was processing things and caused the crashes, as when i use steam in offline mode the game worked fine just hope they dont use steam for next release as i think that has caused alot of the problems people have been having
  7. hi guys a new link to my fixed version of GoldenEagles db to work with 12.2.2 as i've found some problems whilst playing with my previous released db using the new update from Sigames Link removed due to a new crashdump problem encountered
  8. are you using my lvl14 v21.1 version as this is the version that works perfectly as previous version had the season update problem if your using my file then it does take about 30 minutes to set up and does show not responding for me when it gets to setting up game database loading bar but if you wait as i say it will finish and go to setting up manager page.. Be patient mate and you'll get there
  9. my level 14 does not need an xml config file. do as erimus1876 instructions show and game should work. if it does not then you are either following instructions wrong or have saved to the wrong place.
  10. even if you were to mix the 2 db you would still only have 112 reserve teams in the reserve leagues as erimus has removed the current set up and added back in his version that still has same amount of teams as original comp, so you still wouldn't have a reserve team entered till they were in blue square premier anyway which is still 3 levels higher than where erimus1876 db starts at, so with my db they is no point changing anything as soon as you get high enough you will be invite to join relevant reserve league so as far as i am concerned there is no point me wasting more time changing something that currently works as in my game there are 10 leagues with roughly 100 teams in and includes some random lower league sides who's reserves dont play in the normal leagues, and with erimus1876 db i cant see how your lower league team would get access to these leagues as it looks like he has set the teams for each league and they just promoted and relegate so the teams are the same each season but just move ariound the leagues depended on where they finish each season
  11. i have some players in my level 14 u18s team but not a full squad and have checked and other teams and they also have some players, depends on number of player added to game when you setup the more players the fuller the squads are is what i found but this then effects processing time as all these extra players to keep updating as for the reserves left as per game as we have been trying for nearly 2 months to get the GE Database working have left most things as he setup but removed lower level cups to solve problem that was occuring and also if changed adds more time to the processing did not want to change anything else because as soon as you change 1 thing some else goes wrong with this editor and also golden eagles had not given lower level teams reserve squads in his db so this would take quite alot of extra work to add in all the reserve squads also this would create a strain on your finances and below conference level alot clubs have there resrves already in a lower league or dont have a reserve team due to financial restraints or unable to recruit enough players to field a 1st team some weekends let alone a reserve sqaud too also i believe after nearly 2 months of correcting errors, adjusting Fa cup trophy & vase to the same format as in reallife, fixing the level 1-6 fixture problem, this is the best were going to get the db to work and also as some people were worried about processing time, rebuilding the reserve setup and getting everything to work properly if i did make those changes it would increase pressure on processing time, which is what people dont want i'm quite happy with the db now and its processing speed and just want to get on with a long term save now but do feel free to change reserve setup yourselve and if you do decide to share with other users please ensure you credit Golden Eagle, me, erimus1876 and the other few who have been trying to get this to work
  12. fa cup will be fine as its only open to clubs down to level 10
  13. okay so have finally solved the crash dump problem and game works fine now, thanks to Golden Eagles for his effort compiling all the data but as we noticed there were quite a few errors with his release so me and a few other guys have been trying to fix it to get at least one working version using all the info but we have now created different levels due to processing speeds and other reasons, but i do believe i now have a level 14 release that is stable and works well. also Erimus1876 for his team and competition full names. so i am now pleased to release a working Level 14 Database tseted and works with 12.2.1 heres the link: Changelist: Removed levels 1-6 and rebuilt to fix fixture problem when adding in fa vase and reworking other cups added levels 7-14, including adding promotion and releagtion places to all leagues (alot were missing in original GE release) and set promotion and releagtion routes for these leagues to stop unnecessary and strange team movemenst at season update rebuilt FA Cup now to included all rounds as in real life starting right from the extra preliminary round in august to the final in may a total of 14 rounds and ensured random draws in each round and correct prize money rebuilt the FA Trophy so it has same rounds and prize money as in real life and played on same dates added Fa Vase for all level 9-11 teams creating in it to the be played on same dates as in real life, also the same number of rounds and prize money for each round added Isthmian, Southern and Northern Premier Leagues cups (level 7-8), and Northern Premier league Chairmans Cup and Peter Swales Shield added level 9 -10 league cups and this does included a few level 11 leagues as some are lower leagues of level 9 & 10 leagues to ensure those cups are played as real to life as possible and have set to be played on FA Cup, Trophy or Vase dates to stop level 1-6 fixtures moving this does mean if your club has a good run in main FA tournaments then lower league cup games get moved to midweek, but i think this is a fair compromise Rebuilt youth setup has 9 levels and incorporates over 3000 youth squads and have included full promotion and relegation setup so a team can start at level 9 and gain promotion all the way through to the Premier Academy League which is level 1 and games are played at 11 am on saturdays rebuild fa youth cup now includes all teams from the top 4 levels of the youth setup roughly 580 teams and is setup similar to main FA Cup but starts at the preliminary round a total of 13 rounds and games are played at 11am on FA Cup Saturdays on the processing speed front my pc with a poor processor took about 15 hours to process a whole year roughly 75 minutes a month using this database with me added to a team and then holidaying for the season to check problem was fixed. which i think is good considering all the leagues, cups and youth system it has to process. so those of you that have a better spec pc should run faster than this. on setting up game to start with it takes me about 35-40 mins to create everything but again those of you a with faster pc this shouldn't take as long so all i have to say is hope everyone has alot of fun now and a great long term save till next years game is released
  14. have fixed problem without sigames help have found that if i remove level 11 and lower cups from db game passes crash point with me as a manager of a team which is good news so i am now happy with this (think game struggled proceesing all the information) and will post a link for db in a little bit, just need to tidy a few bits. hope to have link up in an hour
  15. haven't bother trying to go a second season as it just a waste of time, will try this time with the test i'm currently running