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  1. I understand your point and I promise to be more accurate next time. I'm also curious to know are others lacking top scorers in their saves? In mine one regen (not my player) just one Golden Shoe (European top scorer) with 23 goals.
  2. Oh yes they are but it is quite annoying that many here have taken it their personal mission to use that argument continuously. I just tried to raise discussion about what people think number of goals (AI vs AI games doesn't have anything to do with your tactics).
  3. Apparently it's AI tactics because I'm scoring quite a normal amount of goals but they aren't. "It's your tactics" card seems to be a classic in this thread.
  4. Tried hard but couldn't get it. Pm would be apprecieted.
  5. People might think I'm out of my mind when I say that this is quite good ME. My tactics haven't "broken" when new patch came. I've just done necessary tweaks for my tactics so they work also with latest patch (for example reduced tackling aggressiveness due set pieces are more dangerous). So my points: - Game is more balanced. No more braindead defendertos letting attackers make easy runs for through balls - Goalkeepers make a lot less stupid mistakes - No more heaps of own goals - A lot more shots but most of them are unrealistic weak. Hope long shots will be updated in next patch - Very few through balls. Players prefer to shoot from 35 yards with their weaker foot towards corner flag than to pass player into breakaway. Decisions needs to be looked very carefully - Pacey wingers dominate games too much sometimes. I know player like Ribery can do anything on a good day but it seems to me that in FM lower profile players have quite a lot "good" days
  6. Although I'm not CCFC 4 EVA I still answer. For me it's same as for he. I love this game and I don't really play another games and I also decided to go back FM 12. The problem isn't that I can't win but the way I win. It isn't enjoyable (Not exploitting AI). The ME is simply too random and bugged. I know that it is new and I'm sure it has potential to be best ME ever but at the moment it isn't enjoyable.
  7. Seriously WTF man? Most of the writers have been pointing out what is wrong in ME but you are defending it anyway you can. I know that those people want this ME to be the best so far in FM/CM series and that's why they are here. If everybody were like you we would be playing a lot of worse FM. It isn't wrong to be critical.
  8. True but at least we got FM 12 (Or earlier ones) which are playable. Shame that I can't copy FM 13 db back to 12.
  9. Well. My gk conceded goal from other end of the pitch. Ball simply slipped from his hands and his rating didn't go down. My feedback has been so far negative because I don't bother to give positive (I'm just that kind of guy). There are a lot of improvements in FM 2013 and in new patch but I'm just pointing out things which are wrong because I take granted a lot of positive things. I'm just trying to help to make this game more and more closer to perfect.
  10. Yeah they do but have you seen so far after new patch any goal from 30 meters? Or even decent shot on target? I don't agree with you about defenders. Strikers don't get so easily space in real life as they do now. I agree that goalkeepers make errors in real life and they should do those in game too but at the moment those errors aren't recognised as a mistakes. I do agree completely. I've never used any corner exploits or something like that but with this patch some gamestyles are simply overpowered. Exactly that's why I'm here I hope they can fix issues and make it more enjoyable.
  11. Few points: -Long shots are god damn weak. They are very inaccurate and don't have enough power behind those shots. -Defenders are still letting strikers to run past them too easily. -Goalkeepers are making stupid errors (for example clearing ball into middle of the pitch from the flank) -No headed goals or goals from long range at all. ATM all goals are coming from half- or breakaways. -ME too easy to beat. You have to just think that what is wrong in ME and you realise that. When was next patch coming?
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