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  1. 1 minute ago, Crispypaul said:

    That's because people who text comments on that are always idiots.

    Sterling is a great player and should be one of the first choices on the team sheet along with Kane and Walker.

    It really made me laugh. Just imagine dropping a guy with 18 goals and however many assists because a guy scored a good goal against Costa Rica. Especially when you can take both quite comfortably anyway :D

    Agree with you that Sterling, Kane, and Walker should be the most nailed on starters. 

  2. 1 minute ago, JDownie said:

    I can't speak for 98, but I don't think anybody was expecting James to be the star of WC14, certainly nobody thought he'd be the best player at the tournament. 

    Don't think people predicted him best player of the tournament or anything (though I did have him top scorer at 80/1 :brock:)  but I remember he was talked about as a potential break out star. Not at Messi/Ronaldo levels or anything, but there was a definite case of "look out for this guy, he's good"

  3. Gone with Spain with the Skybet offer off money back as a free bet , and put money on Neymar, Cavani, Suarez e/w top scorer as well. Put a little bit on Mane as well as my outsider. Might have a look through and see if there's any other long shots that I like the look of.

  4. Creating an account took ages, the email to get the verification code took absolutely forever, so I though I hadn't clicked so clicked it again, then got them all at once about 10 minutes later.

    The presentation is horrific, on the FPL one you can see a fair few players on the right hand side when you search by whatever, and can see every player when searching by a team. Here, you click a team, it shows just the goalkeeper and defenders if you're lucky. Click "view more" and it just shows defenders again. There's the world's tiniest scroll bar to the side of this so you can see all the players, but it's an absolute pain having to scroll back and forth.

    Tbf I think the main issue is I'm burnt out and can't really be arsed, but the site isn't good imo and doesn't entice me to want to play it. I felt the same in 2014 and ended up not playing then either.

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