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  1. 1 hour ago, The_jagster said:

    Loftus-Cheek impressed me in his short time on the pitch, whereas Rashford 'looked threatening' without actually doing anything. Tbh Rashford for me is like Sterling for Baptista_8 ( ;) ) I don't get what everyone else sees in him. He can run but if he could bring the ball with him past the defender he'd be a lot better.

    I liked Maguire coming out from the back but a bit like Lingard, it's a worry that he merits being in the team because it means we aren't really producing good enough players. Lingard missing that volley was absolutely no surprise.

    I like Rashford but I agree with you. He did nothing last night yet there'll still be a "PLAY RASHFORD NOT STERLING" bandwagon. I wouldn't complain at all if he does play but he didn't do anything last night to make me think "yeah, he has to play."

    1 hour ago, Astafjevs said:

    Only.issue I have with that massive post is that, tbh, I dont think England should be playing a possession-based game. I think they're best when they play quick, direct passing. To do that, you need the midfielders taking up positions highlighted in those pictures.

    You saw what happened in the second half when England played possession football. Slow, turgid, no ideas. They don't have midfielders who can play that style, so why bother?

    Obviously keep the ball if you can because that's much better, but keeping it and probing is not something England can do. Keeping it and trying to get it forward asap is something they can do.

    I think this is why we seem a bit better against more quality opponents. When teams play deep we do look a bit clueless but against other teams who'll come at us I think we'll look pretty decent. Think we have a good chance against Belgium.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

    I'd go as far to say that a win against Panama definitely puts England through. Particularly if it's a big one

    Depends on how Tunisia do, if they beat Belgium then it's us on 6 with them two on 3, so we could potentially lose to Belgium, Tunisia beat Panama comfortably, and go out on goal difference to both Belgium and Tunisia.

    I don't think this is likely mind you, and we'd know the result of Belgium vs Tunisia going in.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Robbie.Knox said:

    I really don't get some of the people in here who are so downbeat. First off, we know where we are as a team - we know that we're not going all the way, and 3 points against a properly tricky Tunisia team IS massive for getting out of the group. Tunisia came into the game on the back of some decent results and were always the 'banana skin' for want of a better term. It was always going to be this sort of annoying game, it would have been for most of the top sides too! Why should it be any different for us?

    Secondly, we shouldn't put down the performance. If you add up the 2 goals, the Lingard volley, Lingard hitting the post, Stones spooning the chance on the turn, Rashford's dummy, and then 2 penalty shouts, that's 8 decent chances. Throw into the mix the fact that it was a debatable penalty to give away, and it shows up to be a good performance. On another day we win that 4-0.

    Obviously there are improvements to be made, and we won't get away with it against top teams, but ffs, there are more positives than negatives out of that performance imo. We need to be better with finishing, we went missing for a period in the second half, and we need to tighten up at the back. But barely any team has played so far this World Cup without a few improvements necessary.

    Very good post. Room for improvement of course, but baffled by some who seem to suggest we got lucky. We were clearly the better team against a solid team that have caused other good teams problems (albeit in friendlies) The first half was probably one of the most impressive of the tournament from one of the bigger teams. Second half could have been better but once Southgate made changes you could see the impact and we started creating again, just half chances though rather than anything clear. 

    I'm intrigued with how Belgium do against them, as based off today I don't think they'll do that much better. 

    There's a lot more positives than negatives from this, while of course it needs to be looked at and see where we can improve.  

  4. Enjoying the "ENGLAND MUST DO BETTER" as though a whole boat load of top nations haven't just had very average performances.

    First half was very good, created plenty of chances. Finish those and we cruise. The tempo definitely dropped second half but even then there was changes to try and give us the upperhand such as the pushing forward of the CBs. RLC should have come on a bit sooner but other than that I don't have a massive issue with the way the game was managed. Tunisia clearly changed as well to play for the draw after half time which makes things difficult and it wasn't like Iceland where it was just "lol throw strikers on and hope for the best"

    And then this is ignoring the absolutely appalling VAR not giving us at least 2 blatant penalties. Second half should have been better but we've only got Panama to go who'll play that way against us and they don't seem as competent as Tunisia.

  5. Just now, Weezer said:

    Tunisia offered absolutely nothing since the penalty so it's hard to have much sympathy.

    Quite a lot of nations in this tournament that look as though the only way they're ever going to score is a penalty or an OG.

    Yeah, absolutely zero sympathy for them. Did absolutely nothing other than get a penalty, played ***** first half and should have given away at least two penalties themselves.

  6. 4 minutes ago, JDownie said:

    Seemingly the only nation at the world cup who makes "joke" videos about winning it, then. 

    Don't see what other nations do has anything to do with them making a very tongue in cheek video about if we win the world cup. 

    It's a bit of a laugh, it's fine 

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