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  1. Just now, Sid1984 said:

    Ronaldo has done fine. Scored and created a big chance for Guedes. The rest of the team need to not just rely on him.

    He was clinical with his chance and it was a good chance created, but other than that he's not done anything. But as I said (and as you suggest) the rest of team need to raise their game. He's not really had any chance to do anything else, so I'm certainly not criticising him.

  2. If Alli has any doubt about him I'd rest him and play RLC. I'd probably play Rose instead of Young as well to see how having a left footer there impacts us, I think Young cutting back to his right hurt us a little bit so it's worth trying that change.

    I'd give Sterling another chance, I don't think Rashford did anything against Tunisia that makes me think he has to start. I'd play Vardy at some point as well even if off the bench.

    Other than that I'd keep it the same, no point making changes for the sake of it.

  3. 1 hour ago, The_jagster said:

    Loftus-Cheek impressed me in his short time on the pitch, whereas Rashford 'looked threatening' without actually doing anything. Tbh Rashford for me is like Sterling for Baptista_8 ( ;) ) I don't get what everyone else sees in him. He can run but if he could bring the ball with him past the defender he'd be a lot better.

    I liked Maguire coming out from the back but a bit like Lingard, it's a worry that he merits being in the team because it means we aren't really producing good enough players. Lingard missing that volley was absolutely no surprise.

    I like Rashford but I agree with you. He did nothing last night yet there'll still be a "PLAY RASHFORD NOT STERLING" bandwagon. I wouldn't complain at all if he does play but he didn't do anything last night to make me think "yeah, he has to play."

    1 hour ago, Astafjevs said:

    Only.issue I have with that massive post is that, tbh, I dont think England should be playing a possession-based game. I think they're best when they play quick, direct passing. To do that, you need the midfielders taking up positions highlighted in those pictures.

    You saw what happened in the second half when England played possession football. Slow, turgid, no ideas. They don't have midfielders who can play that style, so why bother?

    Obviously keep the ball if you can because that's much better, but keeping it and probing is not something England can do. Keeping it and trying to get it forward asap is something they can do.

    I think this is why we seem a bit better against more quality opponents. When teams play deep we do look a bit clueless but against other teams who'll come at us I think we'll look pretty decent. Think we have a good chance against Belgium.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Astafjevs said:

    I'd go as far to say that a win against Panama definitely puts England through. Particularly if it's a big one

    Depends on how Tunisia do, if they beat Belgium then it's us on 6 with them two on 3, so we could potentially lose to Belgium, Tunisia beat Panama comfortably, and go out on goal difference to both Belgium and Tunisia.

    I don't think this is likely mind you, and we'd know the result of Belgium vs Tunisia going in.

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