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  1. Just now, Sid1984 said:

    Ronaldo has done fine. Scored and created a big chance for Guedes. The rest of the team need to not just rely on him.

    He was clinical with his chance and it was a good chance created, but other than that he's not done anything. But as I said (and as you suggest) the rest of team need to raise their game. He's not really had any chance to do anything else, so I'm certainly not criticising him.

  2. If Alli has any doubt about him I'd rest him and play RLC. I'd probably play Rose instead of Young as well to see how having a left footer there impacts us, I think Young cutting back to his right hurt us a little bit so it's worth trying that change.

    I'd give Sterling another chance, I don't think Rashford did anything against Tunisia that makes me think he has to start. I'd play Vardy at some point as well even if off the bench.

    Other than that I'd keep it the same, no point making changes for the sake of it.

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