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  1. 1 hour ago, ArsenalFan7 said:

    Vicki Sparks just a bit bland in all honestly, didn't irk me but wasn't interesting, another in the line of commentators I don't care to listen to. I wouldn't mind seeing how Cesc and Alex Scott translate to commentary, I've enjoyed listening to them in the studio.

    The man I'd really love to listen to commentate is Ray Hudson, that crackhead makes any game entertaining

    Ray Hudson :D Sweet Jesus, then I would definitely be muting. He's absolutely horrific.

  2. Sparks was fine. Nothing amazing but nothing bad.

    Tyldesley was an embarrassment and has been for some years. I've still never heard him use the word "ironic" correctly, and his constant whining about Ramos last night was ridiculous.

    I've only vaguely paid attention to the pundits so far really, but at least the women seem to have done some form of research. 

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