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  1. 1 minute ago, Haguey said:

    Can't believe England nearly didn't beat these, they could have had 10 :D

    They've set up completely differently today. They played like this first half against us and were getting battered apart from us finishing chances. Second half they put 10 men behind the ball which they haven't done at any point today. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Weezer said:

    Urgh. As much as I like VAR being a part of games I really hate the players running up to the referee and making TV signals every single time there is a contentious decision to be made.

    I think they should start making that a yellow card, similar to how the booking gesture is.

    I'm sure I read it's supposed to be a yellow card offence. If not, it definitely should be. Players need to **** right off with it.

  3. If you think Argentina's issues are because of Messi you're an idiot.

    Although on the other hand, if you think Messi is doing everything he can you're an idiot.

    He is trying, he is dropping deep to try and get the ball and influence the game, but he sure as hell isn't playing well. 

  4. Why is the teamsheet news? What is in the public interest about taking a sneaky shot of the teamsheet when it's clearly not meant to be revealed? It's a underhanded tactic just to try and get a few more clicks and is totally wrong. Public interest is completely different to something the public are interested in.

    Revealing the teamsheet like that gives the opposition an advantage, there's no two ways about it. With it being Panama it won't make much difference but that doesn't mean it's remotely ok. 

    They're there to report news, good and bad, but leaking a teamsheet undermines the team and there's no justification for it, especially considering the good grace they've been shown by the FA and the team.

  5. 2 minutes ago, craigcwwe said:

    The press in this country are vile. They're secretly hoping we fail so they can print their agenda. 

    Probably got their headlines written out already.

    Yeah, can see them turning now Southgate has called them out on their ********. The amount of journos tweeting righteous indignation, "how dare Southgate criticise us!" Absolute set of pricks, trying to defend it as though people have a right to know team news, as though it's public interest.

    Just came across this tweet: 


    I mean, how ridiculous a comparison can you get? Although I agree with the point that Panama knowing who starts between Sterling/Rashford shouldn't make a difference, but it doesn't make it right to leak team news. 

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