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  1. 39 minutes ago, howard moon said:

    I was dreading having the swab but it was okay. I did it myself, which I’d recommend if you have a bad gag reflex. Mine is particularly bad - I can’t even let the dentist put those things on your teeth to allow an x-ray.

    Weirdly, I actually found my gag reflex fine when someone else did it, compared to doing it myself where I couldn't stop gagging at all after a few seconds.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Peterj said:

    I read this morning that there has been a single case of the South African variant in Brentwood. That is the closest big town to me so had a quick look at the government website and turns out it is my postcode district that is going to be subject to surge testing so going to have to get a Covid test. I have avoided having to do this so far and can’t say I am looking forward to it. I have a pretty bad gag reflex and those swabs look grim :( 

    Not gonna pretend it's pleasant, but it's really, really not that bad. It's just mildly uncomfortable for a bit but then it's done. 

  3. Yeah I didn't get into MM at all. Good few years since I've played it tbf and I don't think I gave it more than a few hours so will try it again at some point, but yeah I just wasn't a fan at all. 

    Played Link's Awakening finally after getting it for Christmas, really really liked it. I wish I was better at Zelda games though, think Phantom Hourglass was the only one I didn't use a guide at all for :D 

  4. 17 minutes ago, Barry Cartman said:

    Going back to Skyward Sword, its weird how people complain about the lack of dungeons in BOTW, but then they announce SSHD which has some of the best ones in the franchise, and people moan and want Wind Waker again, which has been playable on their last 3 consoles 

    Insiders have pretty much confirmed WW and TP are coming later in the year 

    I think complaints about the price are pretty valid, full price for an old game isn't great. But some of the complaints about the game itself I don't get at all. Fi could get a little annoying and the constant text boxes when picking anything up weren't great either, but nowhere near enough to mean it's suddenly a terrible game.

  5. People are extremely overdramatic about the motion controls. There were issues, don't get me wrong (the final boss fight took me forever because of the nunchuk in particular) but for the most part they worked fine, and some of the dungeons were great, the ancient cistern in particular probably being my favourite of any Zelda game.

    Hopefully the option for buttons will allow people to experience it for what it is instead of "I don't like motion controls therefore the whole game is bad."

    EDIT: FWIW I get if motion controls aren't your thing then it can make a game much less fun, but people acting like the rest of the game like the level design etc is bad because of that I don't understand.

  6. 21 hours ago, Ackter said:

    I dont agree with the other problems people had with Phantom Hourglass. I liked revisiting the same dungeon and finding new things and quicker ways through it.

    I liked that as well. I absolutely loved the whole game tbh. Helps that I got it for like a fiver in some bargain bin years after it came out but I remember loving the whole game.

  7. 7 hours ago, Baptista_8 said:

    Can you still access threads that old if they're not in the HoF?

    Yep, I linked it earlier in the thread. It's impossible to find with the search function but I traipsed through a load of pages to find it because I seemingly have too much time on my hands. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, mark1985 said:

    I can see thing like 'wind down' or 'jogging' playlists growing, but this won't have an effect on genres I don't think. Metallica are still a metal band,  Dolly Parton is still a country act, Jay-Z still makes rap regardless of what playlist they appear on

    For me it helps me search for new bands. Yeah playlists help but not because it's a playlist but because bands are often grouped by genre or offshoots of genres

    I agree, and as well so many different genres cover so many different moods as well. Mood playlists may grow huge but you can get rock songs that are happy, pop songs that are sad, etc etc. Plus there's people who will want their own mood playlist within a particular genre, like a wind down hip hop playlist or something.

    I don't think mood playlists in and of themselves are particularly new as well anyway, there's been radio shows for god knows how long for "a relaxing Sunday afternoon" or "your Friday night hype tracks!!!!" or whatever 'mood' and those still usually end up covering different genres. And plus there's always people who feel in the mood for a specific genre as well, like "know what, I'm really feeling listening to some thrash metal tonight!" or whatever. I know that happens to me, I was really feeling listening to drum and bass recently just as an example, I highly doubt I'm the only one who feels in the mood for a genre.

    So yeah, I really don't see how genres will become obsolete. 


  9. 49 minutes ago, mark1985 said:

    What now? Can't see that ever happening

    Yeah, that makes no sense to me either. I mean, sure, there's a lot of music that kind of blurs between genres, but hasn't that been the case for about a million years? We're not going to suddenly stop using genres altogether.

  10. 2 hours ago, Jason the Yank said:

    How long ago was it when the forums were down for like a week? Think it was a couple years ago after some Sega data breach or something.


    I think it was maybe summer 2011 but I could be wrong. I can't remember how long they were down for, my memory tells me about 4 weeks but that's just 'cause I was a sad bugger and missed this place and was checking every day for it to come back and it felt like forever.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

    I'm not a regular in OTF and I'm afraid that even a thread like this probably isn't going to change that but......

    Perhaps some of you regulars would consider creating a "Charity" thread and once a [insert time period here] people could submit Charities of their choice and then a vote be run on whichever charity the thread want to support over the next [insert time period here].

    Me and my £15.8? whatever it was isn't really big enough to make a difference to any charity, no matter how worthwhile and in need of support it is, but as a group who could band together as we did here, the "power" we have to support a charity really is significant. 

    I know that SI already do their own charity stuff, (and that's brilliant), but perhaps we could do more as a group? Giving to charity is something that I'm sure many of us do anyway. Pooling our resources together doesn't mean that we give more, (or less), it just means that we have the potential to make a bigger impact on the chosen charity at that time. 

    Like I said, I'm not a regular in here so I'm not in a position to carry this forward, but if any of you who are, think this is a decent idea, perhaps it's something you might look at?

    Good luck and well done to all who donated, (no matter how small and to where). :applause:

    Thought vaguely about similar earlier actually, would be nice if every so often people grouped together and donated to good causes as in this thread. 

  12. 30 minutes ago, Klimowicz said:

    Some of there might have been mentioned but...

    Tony7 forgetting where he parked after a Liverpool game in Manchester. :lol: 

    b0o.com cloning our forum to make it look like a busy website.

    The LLM forum, their rules and their vetting process... and the subsequent raid of OTF by their cult leader mod

    I can't remember which user and I might be misremembering some details but there was a guy who everyone thought posted a potentially suicidal post then stopped posting abruptly. We all got together and found out a lot of personal info about him, all with good intentions (making sure he's okay, helping him through whatever it was that was troubling him etc) but in hindsight, we felt a little uncomfortable about how easy it was to find personal info about someone on here. iirc, he was fine and posted as normal in the poker thread some time after.

    Retro posting in the night thread drunk then apologizing for offending anyone in the next night thread :lol: 

    Night threads in general

    Can't remember which user it was but he posted a thread about him and his mates being outnumbered and attacked by a gang in a park and Gillsminnow recreated the scene in MS Paint :D

    Putting names to faces in the original OTF gallery


    Oh my days I can't believe I forgot that one until now :D 

    Does any wrestling thread regular one Royal Rumble when some guy decided to really aggressively post for no reason about how wrestling was fake and we were all idiots, as though it was completely brand new information to us all that it's scripted? That was a fun half an hour or so until the moron got banned.

  13. 39 minutes ago, Harryseaess said:

    I remember it but haven't looked at it since. Link?

    Will try and find it

    Edit: Found it :D @Harryseaess

    25 minutes ago, Gizzy said:

    I miss @gillsminnow. Did anyone watch any of his YouTube videos, the guy has the sexiest voice :D 


    He streams on twitch sometimes, last one a couple weeks ago, username minnowmize.


  14. 47 minutes ago, brez22 said:

    Not too happy with the collective 'we' here. I have memories of me filling in at the back stroking the ball around like a young Michael Carrick. 

    We did alright up at the uni of sheffield, we shifted to Powerleague for a bit which is where the hammering took place. 

    Good times though, I didn't think meeting fellow internet weirdo's would be as enjoyable as it was even at 32-0 down. 

    My favourite memory was bomma making a really good save, but then spending a few seconds being so delighted with himself that he didn't notice someone else having a shot that gently flew into the net :D

    I wasn't expecting to have as much fun as we did either, one of my fondest memories of uni tbh, despite the losing. 

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