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  1. Allardyce said we should drop Trippier against Sweden, I wouldn't trust him to have done better.

    I don't think he'd have focused on the mentality quite like Southgate would have. I know he's quite underrated for some of his techniques especially from his days at Bolton but I can't imagine the team being so relaxed and happy as they were with Southgate and I think that was a huge part of us doing well.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Confused Clarity said:

    The Wales manager, on ITV on being asked if Croatia can hold their heads high for not freezing on the big stage comes out with the hot take that he thinks France in fact froze.

    Yeah, that's always good to hear from your countries manager.

    He...what? :D I mean, they weren't great first half but France were very good second half. Froze ffs :D

  3. Just now, GunmaN1905 said:

    It's been really entertaining, but I think it's safe to say that this WC has the worst teams in top4 since 2002.

    Unbelievably stacked France playing way below their capabilities and scraping wins based on set pieces, dubious penalties and terrible mistakes from opposition.

    Croatian team playing to their best, but with couple of glaring holes in the lineup and absolutely no depth anywhere other than midfield.

    Belgium that has played some great football, but also lack defensive quality.

    England, even though you guys will hate me, that's just an average knockout round level team, but had a lot of things going their way.

    Couldn't give a rat's arse, this world cup has been brilliant and the last 4 being comparatively "weak" has added to it

  4. 1 minute ago, Wigmore said:

    Agree the referee has made the poor decision. But something is up with VAR if referees are overturning initially correct decisions to incorrect VAR assisted decisions.

    Also, didn’t think my post would get such a reaction, I didn’t think I was being that controversial :D 

    There was nothing wrong at all with VAR then imo, I'm 100% happy with that incident being referred to the referee. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Wigmore said:

    Obviously not a penalty, but on the bright side a VAR cock up in the biggest game of all will hopefully stop it’s use in football.

    I feel sorry for Croatia, I like the way they’ve approached this game. Gone all out to get an early goal knowing they won’t have the legs to chase the game later on, and they’ve been unlucky not to get ahead.

    VAR has overall been a force for good. This decision comes from the referee. I'd rather the referee get a second chance to look at incidents even if we disagree with the decision. I mean, we disagree with decisions all the time with or without VAR, at least it gives them more of a chance to get things right.

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