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  1. Did the way you import filter files change? I have one for my favourite staff and when I try and import it into the game it doesn't seem to see the file. Shortlist files still seem to work fine.
  2. Like to add that just checked my laptop which is also linked with steam and it works on that!
  3. I am having the Same Problem. I go into Steam Click the Game and nothing happens. Has worked Fine up until now! I am on a Mac.
  4. I have the same problem I just started my game today and I have the same problem. I am using no Add Ons just the Game with 11.3 and then One Piece Skin.
  5. With the patch being pushed back to the next week. Does anyone know if SI extended the database deadline?
  6. Yey the Logo on mac has being fixed to FM 2011 Looks nice
  7. How do I install Custom Databases on Mac? Thanks
  8. Does seem to want to join =/!
  9. I need a new Asst Manager in First Season with Notts County any suggestions?
  10. I know you could do this on FM09 but I am wondering if you can play 2010 the same way?
  11. Ruud van Nistelrooy was offered me to me for 1.9 Million needless to say I take them up on that offer (Y)!
  12. I love that the "Play In Reserves Until Match Fit" Option is back! I have no idea why it was token out last year! But its nice to see it back and it is a lot more handy than having to move them back and forth between the reserve team!
  13. YEEEEY My Order has arrived in Belfast from ShopTO with Next Day Delivery Well Chuffed!!!
  14. Yey! I hope your right ! Though saying that it only changed to that status like an hour ago =/