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  1. Variable crowd atmospheres. Not all stadiums are the same-anfield and st. James' park, for instance, have a repustation for being harder than most. Perhaps each stadium should have an average atmosphere rated out of 10, which is multiplied by the attendance. This will alter the 'home advantage' of the home team. Possibly with decreasing average attendance over 50,000 to accomodate for the distance these new seats would be from the pitch. Atmosphere rating should increase significantly for days the crowd recognise as being particularly important, cup ties vs. rivals, champions league, end of season where there's all to play for. Similarly, it could be the managers job to introduce 'fan days', which cost money but give a bit of an added home advantage to your team It could be linked to liam_everton's idea of a more interactive stadium in that you have certain parts of the stadium, such as the Kop at anfield or the Stretford end at OT, where it is more difficult to play away at one end of the ground or the other. Similarly, more professional/determined teams shouldn't be as affected by home advantage as others. All ideas that could be implemented to a greater or lesser xtent, but would add realism and interactivity to the game without being too difficult to implement(from a hardware point of view anyway). Another idea, along te same lines, is that crowds can make chants, directed at individuals or the team, to demoralise or boost them, similarly, a higher level of professionalism would be likely to be less affected by these chants.
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