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  1. You need to make sure that the teams in the Premiership and Football League have properly set up last divisions/positions so that the seeding for the League Cup can be properly processed.
  2. When getting teams you will have to manually set up seedings. That means you'll need to have 4 different get team entries, each containing the teams you want as each seed and use "all teams get the same seeding", for instance, get the first 8 seeded teams and give them 0, then get the next 8 teams and give them 1 etc.
  3. You need to remove all seeding and sorting rules, set it to be a fixed draw, then in the fixed draw settings, you need to set it so that team 0 plays vs team 3, and team 2 plays vs team 1.
  4. Have you made sure it is a fixed draw?
  5. You need to make sure to get teams from the right division. If you are, then I don't know what to say. Maybe Czech has hard coded rules that say only top league sides can play in reserve leagues. If that's the case, maybe you'll need to report it as a bug.
  6. That doesn't matter. Using custom XML will use a completely user defined competition, so there's no need.
  7. You could make custom XML files for all leagues. It will take longer, but will work. You need to make sure, when doing this, to use the "type" of "use custom XML" and specify the "custom reserves XML ID" name it asks.
  8. If you make a club in your nation with "Based Nation" set to another nation, and put their stadium in a place in that nation, then the regens will be from the based nation. For instance, if you make a team in England, set their based nation to Scotland, then made it so their stadium is in Scotland, too, their regens will be Scottish. This doesn't solve your problem, but will lead to more dual nationals, as whilst they won't have dual nationality, or be able to gain it at their original club, due to the fact the game will consider it a club in your nation, these players will move to other clubs in your nation where they will eventually be able to claim the second nationality.
  9. It is most likely due to the fact there are too many fixtures to fit in a year. If a league isn't finished by season update day, then it will not generate a new season.
  10. I don't know much about work permits, I always simply make it max 5 foreigners in starting 11.
  11. You would need to sort teams by previous league position, then use a fixed draw. The first team would be team 0, second would be 1, third would be 2 etc.
  12. These competitions are part of the nation rules, so you would need to go in and edit the USA rules in the advanced rules to remove these.
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