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  1. Can't play without it anymore. Too accustomed to replacing the 38 game split nonsense to play without it, as well as custom world club tournaments replacing int matches.
  2. Hey man,

    Maybe you can point me in the right direction. I keep getting an error message saying that Copa Libertadores (2016) and Copa Sudamericana (2015) have different years set. How can I get this error message to go away when I am testing an update for the South American competitions?

  3. Lesson once again learned: Properly test thou editor data before starting a new game.

    After finishing with my old save game, I did some additions to my editor data to add another level to Scotland, and expanded the Scottish Cup so that these teams would enter properly as the current format I used didn't have enough non-league berths to cover the new extra league teams, but forgot to alter the number of entrants, and now most of the Premiership teams don't even get drawn, 'cause the round they get drawn into only has 4 open spots.

    If I didn't get a laugh out of making such a schoolboy error, I'd be crying over the 6-7 hours that I've wasted having played through to the season(as I was playing in England, I didn't see the Scottish Cup until doing my end of season competition check and wondering how the final ended up being St. Mirren vs Cowndenbeath) and having to re-test all the leagues in the editor again.

  4. I love faffing in the advanced editor. Sometimes just seeing what kinda lunacy I can make happen can be more interesting than playing.

  5. Ignore this, silly sod here missed the second page.
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