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  1. Hello to all this is my first custom database save that contains bottom to tier 20 I believe, in my previous saves usually start with Worcester from Vanarama North/South and sky is the limit In this save check the screenshots. I promoted very easily, a lot of goals, 30-40 shots %50 on target etc. But what is concern me and encourage me to write this post is this normal? I'm as human manager very active in transfer market a lot of amateur free agent signings some of them really good but other teams are only rely on their youth regens no transfers nothing!!! some of the teams are all grey
  2. Thank you furiousuk problem is heavy press when I check the match report it is obvious also I changed his ''run with ball rare to sometimes'' it helped.
  3. I got your point but if the opposition team closing him down heavily, so he lay passes but stay deep because of the heavy press or is this another issue?
  4. hi everyone, this is my MC® and as the screenshot shows he's sitting deep on the middle of the park however I want him to spend his time by creating chances in the redzone I made it bymyself in photoshop. what settings keeps him deep I couldn't find and for you here is the screenshot of his settings. Please advice. I assume his own area-closing down setting keep him deep on the heat map.
  5. I tried FB's man marking (tight marking - NO!) while easy tackling, and set my CB's zonal marking. for a while it is okay for me. Give a shot with this setup. Btw CB's closing down higher than FB's
  6. Hi everyone, Is this setup suits for this guy? Or is it a contradiction CMR wit defend duty because I gave him too much attacking mentality, aim is when in possesion using two MC as much as attacking but while defending his good defensive attributes help to cover middle by giving him Defebd duty. Waiting for your ideas?
  7. Hi there, I have exact same issues you have. I hope somebody will give you a proper explanation. Keep this page in favourites especially for your question
  8. yes I see you're absolutely right about 1 stopper and 1 cover. What about horizontal gaps between 2 strikers and 2 central midfielders above screenshots? What do you suggest?
  9. sorry to being late yes Two X's are stopper/stopper so I changed DCR side player to Cover with less mentality and less closing down, in order to cover the area so far so good it seems okay. both DC's are slow against striker in this screenshot so my normal width is 5 very very deep. Wide play DL/DR = both Normal Wide play AML/AMR = both Cut Inside
  10. okay I'll try, what about the central defenders the gap between them also exploited by a through ball or a pacey striker all the time but this is 21st game of the league only conceded 4 but it is disturbing me a lot.
  11. hi people, how do you tighten the gaps shown in the image with yellow arrow this is my team setup,
  12. hi guys, CML in CM-D , CMR in AP-S this is my setup for midfield players against away and strong teams lets say liverpool. My settings are so complicated in the individual player settings too, my aim is to push their creative player by OI (tight marking - always) in order to push him not to play right hand side by (showing foot to left) (Their MR is Dirk Kuyt) other MC of liverpool is less creative defensive player. My plan is push them to pass more to this less creative defensive player to distribute the ball and make the play. But they swap with other midfielder to much in game. my questi
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