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  1. suggestion: if anyone out there is stupid enough to think "improvements have been made"....try actually watching a real game of football and then watch a game on FM and see if these supposed improvements look like they've happened. because on every FM game I've played, the football played is always the same pathetic viewing...when a game isn't going the way you plan, its not because the opposition is playing really great football. it's the opposite! suddenly, your players forget how to play football and lose all sense of awareness and danger of opposition players and positioning and just start running around like headless chickens! even while watching this video, you see a perfect example of how backwards the football is this game is made to look...a low cross goes in and an own goal is scored...the defender scoring the own goal facing the wrong way and the ball bounces off his back and rolls over the line...because, of course, he wouldn't be watching where the ball is coming from :| maybe its just me but I like football in a game to look like it could actually be a reality in terms of the performance
  2. I read all these different threads from people saying how brilliant this game is and its like no other football game because its so "advanced" and "realistic". What is realistic about this game? The fact that players don't seem to follow instructions and "shouts" AT ALL! The fact that some players who might be very left-footed and, according to this game, can't use their right foot to kick a ball if their life depended on it seem to be through on goal and ON their left foot and still decide to shoot with their right foot?! The fact that so many times the ball is pretty much passed to the opposition goalie rather than the player shooting at goal with some bloody power! Or the fact that pretty much every shot at goal is aimed at the goalie's head or the top corner! Centre-backs never move with the ball. If there's no obvious pass forward, it's too complicated to move with the ball or shift the ball and their position and find the right pass. Instead, he turns around and goes back to the keeper who then smashes the ball upfield towards Theo Walcott or Andrei Arshavin....real giants in football! Doesn't make things any easier that they're being marked by Ryan Shawcross or Bred Hangeland! There is NOTHING realistic about the match-play in this game or any FM game, which is a massive shame because you can play FIFA or ProEvo and the technology used to create match-play in those games looks lightyears ahead of FM. Even the graphics on FM look pathetic. I played a FIFA game recently which is about 10 years old and the graphics on that were even better than FM. I do hold out some hope that the creators of FM games will actually do some research in the future into how the beautiful game of football is actually played. Because if they really think it's played the way it is on FM, it's an embarassment That is all.
  3. the most unrealistic thing I find about the game is the actual games/matches. I can't seem to figure out why a centre back can't move a bit with the ball to find someone. If there's no obvious pass for him to play forwards, he just turns around and gives it back to the keeper! And shouting instructions to the team is a complete farce as well. The command "get stuck in" surely means "when Darren Bent (for example) has the ball, Thomas Vermaelen should give 100% commitment to making the tackle and winning the ball". Instead, the players will just do exactly what they always do which is ball-watching. On a previous FM game, I remember a game where Sebastian Larsson ran with the ball from the halfway line right up to the byline and crossed the ball into the box and Ashley Cole ran alongside him...I think he even overtook him at one point! Well if he was running alongside him in a real game, surely he would have put the ball (and Larsson) out of play?!
  4. FM12, Worth the upgrade?

    every football manager is the same! all they ever do is update the information about players, clubs, etc. the simple fact is the general match play is AWFUL and will be on every FM game! compared to FIFA or Pro Evolution where you don't actually have to control any team if you don't want to and can set it as 'computer vs. computer', you would see that the players controlled by the game DON'T run around like headless chickens if they're destined to be on the losing side. on FM however, certain passes are made that wouldn't be in a real match, certain passes aren't played that would be in a real match, players make the weirdest runs which would make no sense in a football game and what is the obsession with defenders passing the ball back to the keeper?! because all he does is smash the ball upfield towards the smallest player on the pitch who's then expected to win the header against some huge centre back :S and why do strikers 'flick the ball on'...when he's clearly the furthest player forward and would know there's nobody ahead of him to collect the ball?! :S i realise this is just a thread in a forum and FM will always be like this and i'll probably always be obsessed with playing it but sometimes it really pisses me off that the matchplay can't be more realistic like it is in FIFA and Pro Evo.